Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Summer Outfit

I just loved this little dress from Molly's Sketchbook. So much soo, that I ended up taking it and cutting it in half for a skirt and tank design. I followed the same design techniques with the stitching at the sides, except for at the top's bottom. I placed a border with two slits at the side for comfort & a light fit. Take a look!

I love this fabric! Purchased at Joann's, I can't believe how
many reproduction prints they have this year.
Buy up now, because some are not re-ordered. I got carried away with all the pictures, but could I help it? She's just too darn cute sporting that little blue headscarf. Take another look at my grown girl sewing like her mommy:) The greatest thing, is that she's soo persistent & wants to learn even after a mistake. It doesn't disappoint her. It only drives her to want to know 'the right way'. (Must've got that from me....wink, wink.)

And..she ended up with a little dress for her American Girl doll, that of course looks like her:)
How cute! I always make sure the thread is darker than the fabric, so she can see where her sewing lines are. We've also spent a great deal of time, sewing on paper, practicing lines, swirls, & squares.  Remember that from Home Economics? It will never get old:)
Happy Trails till next time!

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