Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Quilt of One's Own

I'm starting a quilt!!! I have spent sooo much time admiring quilts and thanks to Pinterest, I've been pushed over the edge. I do not have a finished project to show you, only a picture of what I got so far. I have fallen in love with the 'scrappy' quilts that have bursts of colors engulfed with a solid background, like white or cream. Take a look at my 'blocks' so far. The goal for completion is summer. (This is my first quilt after all & I love to switch around and work on a couple projects at a time.) I know I probably didn't do this correctly, but I just began serging together all my scraps. When I got a 'blob', I pressed & cut it to a 6 inch square.

Now I can't wait for more scraps to come!

A big thanks to the great sales rep at Joann's last night. My 7 year old & I went on a late night excursion and while my fabric was getting cut, the woman told me all about Lasagna Quilts/The Jelly Roll Quilt. I came home and checked it out right away. To my surprise, I'm in AWE! This is a must do for anyone!!! (Even those first timers.) It looks like a blast. If all goes well with 'scrappy', I will definitely be giving this a try. Just take a look :
(in the search box type: The Jelly Roll 1600 Quilt)
You'll be amazed. You Tube videos are also available. I was blown away by the winners time. 
Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Cloche Hat

Along with our new pup, came a computer virus that had us out of the loop for 72hours. I forgot how it felt not being 'connected' to the rest of the world. We had more family time, which is always wonderful, caught up on laundry, and got to sew sooo much more. So....in today's post, I share with you The Cloche Hat, (which will be added to the etsy shop, hopefully sooner than later.) The hat comes in 3 different sizes, and this particular one uses the 23" size, which was right in between. I thank my little helpers for taking the pictures, as my wonderful husband was on doggy do-do business.

Now....this type of hat is early 1920's. I used a vintage pattern and studied it carefully prior to construction.  The crown is worn high on the head. Actually, there is a bit of room between the top of the head and inside of the crown. I wouldn't say my head is large, but.....I will be using more of the smaller sized patterns....hint, hint, for the little girls! I will say....it is very warm and perfect for those sunny days. The brim is the perfect size! Hope you like:)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Everyone Meet Charlie!

Wow...what a crazy week we've had! I have been busy, busy, busy with a little new member of the house! Meet Charlie, our new German Shepherd pup. He's been taking up ALOT of time, and I MISS my projects dearly.....including this blog. But, all you animals lovers, I'm sure understand. I hope everyone had a special Valentine's Day. More posts to come soon!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Apron Dress

These dresses have become extremely popular for little fashionistas. I call them a cross between prairie & gypsy style, packed with bright colors and multiple layers. They are adorable for special occasions or daily wear. I never bought an actual pattern for this dress. Instead, I studied internet pictures and a few tutorials. (And in all honesty, it really wasn't hard to make.) I did not sew this fitted. Instead, I kept the upper portion wide and added ties. Originally it was supposed to be a Valentine dress for my 5 year old, but ended up fitting my 7 year old better.  And...I think she may even be able to sport it next summer for a mini look. Either way, I suppose it's a win win situation, because now both the girls get to enjoy this dress for years to come.

I used Anthology The Woodlands Cream Kids Novelty, Riley Blake Feeling Groovy Rainbow Love, & Erin McMorris Weekends Grass Green Lollies cotton fabric. The dress is so colorful, and I love that I was able to piece these together. It is lined with yellow cotton on the upper part of the dress, so that no serged areas are open against the skin. The largest compliment came from my daughter who asked, "are you gonna sell this on etsy?.....because I really like it." It really put a smile on my face!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Cornbread!

I gotta admit, it feels pretty good when you throw a bunch ingredients together and make 'your own' recipe.....& get compliments. I was honored that I had a request to make my fool-proof cornbread for my nieces & nephews birthdays. In the past, I was asked, "how did you make this?" and I guess, "a little bit of this mixed with a little bit of that" with no measurements was not a good thing. So.....this past week I decided to write the ingredients, with measurements, so that all of you can enjoy this easy recipe as much as we do.

1 stick of unsalted butter, slightly starting to melt, and add
3 heaping Tablespoons of small curd cottage cheese
mix together and set aside.
Beat 3 eggs, 1/2 cup of milk, and 1/2 cup of water together
add a pinch of salt and a pinch of sugar
mix until a little bubbly forms and add your butter cottage cheese mix.
Last....add 2 cups of self rising white cornmeal mix.
bake on 325(gas stove) until toothpick comes out clean.
If you do not like cottage cheese.....in it's place you can use feta cheese with a Tablespoon
 of vegetable oil.
For my 9 x 12 pan, I doubled the recipe.

I love this cornbread & really think it's super easy to make. It's great served warm with chili & stew...or....
 dip it in honey & cream cheese for a sweet dessert. Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Heart Garland

This garland was sooo much fun to make and.....it was super easy! Why spend money on decorations when you can make them? Customize your garland with felt, paper, or different color combinations. The possibilities are endless. Use beads, silk flowers and even shiny plastic ribbon to wrap presents. For this project I used scrapbooking paper with coordinating colors. Start by taking your paper, or felt, and cut it into different sized squares. This is important because you will utilize the most of your paper. You want your hearts to have a small, medium, & large.

Next, fold them in 1/2 & cut out your hearts. You want the fold anyway, because it's a great way to line up all your hearts for sewing and it will make them 3 dimensional.

Sew them together! But be sure you leave a couple inches of thread at the top of each heart. You will need this extra thread to tie it to the garland.

This is what they should look like after you've re-folded them. The extra string at the bottom of the hearts can be cut off unless you want to get fancy and tie a bead at the bottom.

Take some yarn and cut it to the length you would like your garland to be. Space out all your hearts below the yarn for layout... and yup....those are my pink bunny slippers:) Next take your hearts and tie them to the yarn. It doesn't matter how it's tied as long as the hearts are not loose. Last, take your bias tape and place the yarn inside. You don't have to do the full garland. You can place it in as you sew the bias closed with your sewing machine. To finish up the ends, I make a loop with coordinating ribbon and use that as my 'hooks'. This is a really fun garland to make and it's super easy. Plus, the hearts move & rotate. It really is super special!

We love to create our own Valentine's! 

I had to post this pic! This is my little 'folder' of squares. When all was said and done, she had her own project she wanted to work on.

Hope you enjoyed this craft project. It's a great feeling when creation and inspiration meet. To happy crafting!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Red Scarf

There's a couple times a year that I enter a store....we'll call it "Bullseye"....and cannot leave without an abundance of items for one, I don't need, and second, have no purpose for, but will find one, because "gosh darn it, it's just too cute!" These days are based on Halloween, Christmas, Easter, and yup....I'm a sucker for Valentine's Day.  And as this day approaches, one cannot help but be indulged in all things red or pink. (In our house, it's glitter too!) I absolutely love the heart & rainbow pencils, the stickers, notepads and decorations. But....this year, I am trying to stick to my new years resolution..."If I don't need it....I don't buy it." (This only refers to house items, and regarding Joann fabric stores, this is null and void....hehehehe:))  So, in honor of the day dedicated to love, I am going to attempt creating posts that refer to that special day be it by color, texture, or just plain photography that I already have in our home and did not have to purchase. In the upcoming posts, I have a garland I created and will show how you can make one too, flowers made with felt, and new knitting projects.
One of the first things I had to share, for the month of February, was my first attempt and production of a scarf I did 6 years ago! I ended that sentence in exclamation due to shock that it really has been 6 years. I still love it, adore it, and wear it only on those 'special' days. Not because it is fancy......it is not. Not because it is flimsy.....it is not. But because it holds memories of warmth, happiness, and love. I created this when my oldest one was just two & I had our second one on the way. For that reason, I only wear it when I want to feel warmth or just need a pick me up:)

I saw this thread in the craft store and just had to have it! The beautiful deep red has subtle threads of blue and purple throughout.  

Then...I ended up making a second one, smaller, trying to practice my stitching.
I also made my daughter a little vest with a red ribbon. I'll have to go through the baby boxes
and find it. It really is a must share.

This itty-bitty scarf was my first try at crocheting for my little one.

It is simple stitching, but the colors and little fringe make it adorable.
Best thing, it was fit to her little size and I got to pick the softest yarn.
We still love it!

As I said before, I really can't believe how fast years go by. I thought by now I would have known more about knitting. The stand still is paid largely by the plethora of knowledge I 've gained with sewing. Therefore....I'll add it to my list of 'working on'. Hope you enjoyed, happy knitting & crocheting!