Saturday, January 31, 2015

Quick Coasters

Feel like stitching up something really quick & pretty? How about changing up those coasters for the coffee table? I decided the glass ones I had, needed to be replaced with some bright colors and a soft touch. Take a look!

All you need are a couple of strips of fabric all measuring the same length. Stitch them together lengthwise and cut them into equal sized squares once they are pressed. I used black felt for the backing.

Sew them together face side down in a U shape. The one side should stay open so you can fold it right side out.

Once again, press. Carefully fold the open end inward and topstitch to seal it closed.
Continue with the topstitch over all your seams. (My bobbin thread was black to match the backing. Just want to remind everyone to switch that out.)
Aren't they cute?

This is what I call a great 'in between projects' project!

On another note~
Could you believe January has already come and gone??? I've got a couple more projects I'm so eager to share with you. I still can't shake this urge to learn how to quilt. I've been practicing ALOT, piecing random squares together and even triangles. It's definitely not as easy as it looks and if anything.... it's teaching me patience... more patience. I can't wait to show you all that I've worked on & more! 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Crystal Knob Rack

So... what can you do with a piece of wood measuring 45 inches by 3 1/2? Well, if it's 1 inch thick, you can use it to make the cutest wall rack. But instead of using hooks, use drawer knobs!


Here's how the idea got started. I needed a place to photograph kids aprons. Now, most of you know that my girls have been modeling them, but they can't model toddler aprons, right? All I could picture was a gorgeous crystal knob rack used to display those mini aprons I love to make. And after searching in stores and online, I realized they are not very easy to find. Soo...... "oooohhh hubby.... can you drill a few holes in this piece of oak wood I found in the barn?"  Of course he did it in a heart beat & he even sanded it down too! The holes were positioned like this: I did the two outer ones first, then measured to the center in between those. And again, the middle of the center and outer one. Got it? I took some regular creamy white wall paint I had left over and used it to 'white wash' the wood. I dipped a sponge in water and then in the paint. After 3 coats of 'washing', it was complete. Home Depot provided the gorgeous knobs at 4.98 a piece with the back mounts only costing 1.98 a pair. Just make sure you position the wall mounts before the knobs. (They'll be in the way when you're hammering.)

Not too bad for a diy project. And.... for those wondering how I was able to hook the rack to be parallel against the wall since the mounts probably make it stick out a bit...... I grabbed an eraser head off of a pencil and used it to prop the lower side out so that it looks flat. That way, no marks are left against the wall and nothing looks crooked.

You can see the eraser on the bottom of rack in this picture. It's in between the 3rd and 4th apron.

Now, these lovely aprons will be making their way to the Etsy shop in no time!

Happy Trails to diy projects!

Friday, January 9, 2015

What's been sewing on...

A few weeks ago, had an amazing sale where all their jelly rolls were half off. (It was awesome!) More of a 'yardage' girl, I never worked with jelly rolls before. I knew that the prices couldn't be beat for that first time 'give it a try' project. And... I just loved the patterns for Tula Pink's Moon Shine:)

After researching a couple of quilt patterns, I figured what better way to get me hooked than with a simple design that promised a good result. Take a look at how Tula Pink came out as a jelly roll race quilt.

I loooooove how colorful it is!
This video on youtube is pretty good in case you want to try this too:)

I picked one of the fabrics from the collection for the backing. This was my favorite!

Now, I still have to connect the batting and back to the front. Currently, the game plan is to get a walking foot for my machine and meticulously pin everything together. I'm debating on a design for the topstitch as well. Should I go with diagonals or follow the stripes? I just can't wait to see how this will come out!

Happy sewing on!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Fabric Hoarding...Best Online Fabric Shops for 2015

Ohhh for the love of fabric... I just never seem to get enough. There is no better topic to start the new year off than with combining shopping and fabric! In the past, I've researched where the 'go-to' is for the best fabric deals. And... I've noticed that some of the shops I frequent ~ just don't get enough credit. So, here's a little post about where you can find some beautiful fabric, for a really really good price!

1. - Thank you Instagram!  Otherwise, I would've never known about this little gem! This is a great site for the latest in quilting fabric. Expect an extremely organized shopping trip. You can earn points as you shop to use as a coupon later. Sign up for their newsletter so you can get insight into all the latest this shop has to offer!

2. - This site is packed with all those lovely organic cotton prints that are perfect for the little ones. If you're looking for a place that will spark a new idea, give this site a try. I also adore that they have made shopping extremely easy. If you're just interested in Japanese fabric, it's in a category all its own! Don't forget to sign up for their newsletter too!

3. - I'm always surprised this one doesn't make most fabric lists! Known as mostly an instructional website, Craftsy also offers great supplies. They're ALWAYS running some type of sale!

4. Spice Berry Cottage on Etsy. Frequent this store to find some beautiful prints at overall great prices. I had the most difficult time not buying everything in site. If you are on a budget, this is the place you'll go crazy. They hands down had the best prices for a line a fabric I was looking for!

5. I don't do dishes on Etsy. Another gorgeous shop with phenomenal prices. Are you looking to build your stash with pre-cuts & random yardage? Then, this is the place! You won't be disappointed at the choices!

6. Fabric Square Shop by Material Girl Chic - This shop is on Etsy & Ebay! I've been ordering from Material Girl Chic for years and love the deals I score! Check out the Ebay site to bid on some great fabric bundles and deals!

7. And of course it wouldn't be a good list if I didn't mention! You can find anything from faux fur to oilcloth! There's always free shipping on orders of $35 or more and you even earn points. Redeem them on future orders for a couple of dollars off:) Can that get any better?

Here's to wishing everyone an abundance of fabric!
Happy Sewing to all!