Monday, March 21, 2016

DIY Ruffle Apron

Spring has arrived! And even though it may be chilly outside, in the house, the flowers are stirring with this adorable vintage inspired apron. I had this idea when I realized that a lovely pair of polyester shams, (hand me downs from Grams), were never going to make it to the bed. But geez.... that fabric would be perfect for a hostess apron! 

Take your dupa shopping to some resale shops! You'll want to get as many vintage shams as you can because these would make the perfect gift too:) The bigger the ruffles, the better the apron!

Take your washed sham to the cutting table. Fold it length wise and make a cut off center. (To know where to cut, play around first by folding over your apron, creating two layers. Do you like them closer together or farther apart?)

The coolest thing - your apron is even guaranteed a secret pocket - the old pillow opening! You can see in the picture below where I placed my scissors.

Pin your layers together. Make sure that right sides are both facing the same direction.

I used a serger but you can definitely use a regular machine with a zig-zag stitch. If you do, top the zig zag stitch with another straight stitch for extra reinforcement. 

For stitching on the waist tie - I pinned where I should start and stop sewing so that I can insert my apron and finish with a top stitch. That's all! How quick was that?!?!

Isn't it lovely?

Even though I usually make aprons from quilting fabric, this was such a nice change for me. Given that they were grandmother's shams, I'll be keeping these aprons for my girls:)

Here's to creating the new from the old:) Till next time!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

The New Machine & Some Projects

The new machine has arrived and a drum roll is completely necessary for my Janome Horizon Memory Craft 8200! Can I add 'Special Addition' to that? This machine has everything I wanted and more. I ended up going to a local quilt and fabric shop, Pins and Needles, where I got to sit down and try out a couple of machines. I'm not going to lie in this post. The Baby Lock had me as soon as I started stitching, but the throat space and lack of 'extras' had me asking... what am I really getting a new machine for? With the Janome, I can finally free motion all those giant quilt tops that have been sitting so neatly in the basket without the fear of skipped stitches.  Isn't she beautiful?

With my purchase, I luckily got a couple of free classes on how to use this beast. (I say beast because it's super heavy and HUGE compared to my other machines.) So far, I've gone to one and I can't believe all that this machine is capable of. I hope the instructor was right when she said, "You'll never own another machine ever again. You're gonna love this work horse." 

The double star table runner was supposed to be finished before St. Patrick's Day... Obviously that's not going to happen... Happy St. Patrick's Day!  
But isn't that runner stunning so far? I used art gallery fabrics - Meadow by Leah Duncan -  which have a softer drape. They're beautiful!

And..... all this new machine stuff had me going through projects that need to be quilted. Check out the little flying geese number below! I still can't believe this didn't get posted earlier. It was an impromptu project started last summer. It was finished around the end of Fall and well.... you see it in March!

Most people just take pics of the front of their quilts, but isn't the back just as beautiful? It reminds me so much of stained glass:)

And on a final note.... Happy yard news!
The garden is already in the works.... The garlic is coming along beautifully and lettuce and leeks have been planted as well! Even though the weather looks promising, my plastic cover onto the right should keep those seeds the right temp to germinate.

Till next time!