Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Steal

Recently, I scored a massive deal on vintage lace and fabric.....should I add from my mother in-law? She happened to be cleaning out her old craft room & came across a box, "you might like".  I don't like it, I love it & I had to share. Take a look at those beautiful prints.  I can't wait to get started on a bunch of more projects. As I was going through the overstuffed, large box, I found:

blue lace, perfect for a girls top
yellow lace, for trim around a summer pajama
lavender lace for bloomers & those upcoming hot pants
black lace, perfect for an addition to my summer tanks
eyelet trim, for skirts, skirts, & more skirts
& vintage fabric, yards of possibilities
I think I just created a to-do list!

Everything was laundered in our Eco-friendly detergent, Earth's Berries Soap Nuts. This stuff smells amazing and really takes the storage scent out. Take a look at the Ethical Ocean website for more Eco-friendly products for family & home.

Good luck to all in summer cleaning & finding those great treasures.
It's all about seeing the new inside the old.
Happy Trails:)

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