Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Kissing Fish Quilt

Hello, hello readers! I'm so excited about today's post! And there are so many reasons why! For starters, I want to show you all what's been on the sewing table. Second.... I'm giving you a pattern for my Kissing Fish Quilt! 

This is how it came to be... An unorganized sewing room + scraps galore + thinking I need to de-clutter and organize = I forgot I had this fabric..... It would make a cute little project :)

Here's how you can make one!

All you need are three fabrics! Two coordinating for the fish and a background fabric!

For the fish:
You will need to make 96 - 2 1/5 inch half square triangles. I did this by using triangles on roll. It's a ton faster than cutting little blocks! Cut the triangles on a roll into 8 block sections. You will need 6. (Each section of 8 will give you 16 hst's x 6 = 96 hst's done very quickly!)

Create little blocks by sewing 4 hst's together. 

You can personalize your layout simply by flipping them in different directions. For example, in my quilt, 2 fish are different than the other two. You can't catch it quickly but if you look closely you'll notice!

 Cut 12 blocks measuring 5 1/2 inches of your background fabric. Lay out your fish and place the 12 blocks in the correct sections according to the picture. (3 solid color blocks per fish)

Remember to press your seams open.
Once stitched together you should see 4 fish!

But those empty spots need to be filled too!
Cut 5 - 15 1/4 inch blocks of the background fabric. Put one aside for your center. 
Cut 4 of the large squares on a diagonal. 

Take 2 of the already cut halves and cut them in half again. These will become the four corners.
(You should have 2 half triangles left over that you will not need to use.)

When stitching all the pieces together, it's best to work in sections.

Isn't that just adorable! I'm so ecstatic about this project. It's one more reason I need to keep practicing free motion quilting so that I can make some bubbles up the center ;) The finished quilt top measures 42" by 42". Perfect for the little people!

One more thing.... 

I absolutely love coming across other sites and finding cool freebies and patterns. I hope you enjoy this one! I'd love to hear any feedback and I'd even love more to see how your projects came out! If you post on Instagram - please use the hashtags #kissingfishquilt #themintneedle :) Happy stitching away!