Friday, May 20, 2016

May 2016

Hello Spring days and warm sunshine! As always, I can never seem to believe how much time passes in between the posts of this blog. Just like everyone else enjoying the brighter weather, we've been busy tidying up the yard and preparing our garden. But that's not all.

On the forefront, we've added chickens to our home. And, it's one of the greatest things we have ever done, period. The girls are at the perfect age to embrace a different kind of life and seem to be full of all the right questions. Nope, we're not 'farming' the chickens. At least, not yet. Instead, we are doing the typical egg-loving and egg-sharing thing. I'm really excited about making homemade pasta and yes, the eggs are much darker, much creamier, and much tastier.

As for sewing.... well.... I miss my machine.  I've done little things here and there but definitely have yet to finish a project. And there are so many things I want to create.....  I started this triangle quilt with Michael Miller's Garden Glitz Collection and I just love the way it's coming out.'s on a stand still until I figure out how I want to branch off to the sides. ( I was hoping to keep these triangles at the center of the quilt....) Why do I get the feeling it'll be months before this one gets completed?

As for everything else.... here's what Spring 2016 has been looking like at our home....

Till next time friends ~ Happy Trails!