Wednesday, December 23, 2015

December Days

Oh it has been so long since my last post!! The holidays, the end of the year, and my daughter's upcoming birthday has come so quickly. The weather in Ohio has been nothing short of amazing. Gardening in the middle of December has it's perks. First, my flower beds are all cleaned up for Spring. Second, I even transplanted a few hardy perennials to our front porch flower garden since their hasn't been much frost. They're doing great and I should have a row of lamb's ear blooming in the Summer. 

Lettuce in December..... I know, I can't believe it either...

But on the sewing front..... Oh geesh.... Where do I start? I've learned my lesson with quilting, that's for sure. If you start a quilt, finish it. My end of year projects have been all about getting those tops I've posted on Instagram "quilted". (With the exception of 2 that are going to be Christmas gifts.... I can't wait to post those!) I never mind taking sewing requests from family and friends, but for big projects, I might instill a cutoff date next year ;) 

A little section of a quilt I made using Sarah Watts Honeymoon fabric. (Cotton and Steel)
You can check out the finished project on Instagram (themintneedle)

So what's on the cutting table now? Some solids I've been dying to work with and a beautiful Moda pattern I can't wait to get started on! 

I'm also researching sewing machines. Turns out I am a bells and whistles kinda girl and there are a few things my current machines can't do, that I'd really really like.... The sad thing, with the internet being so vast, I'm not really finding that many helpful reviews. My main choices that I'm bouncing between are the Juki TL 2000Qi, Janome New Home MC7700QCP, or just taking a financial plunge to buy a Bernina that has nothing but rave reviews..... I'll have to keep you all posted on which sewing machine finds a new home at this house. Things it must do.... free-motion quilting, even feed, stitch regulator if possible, large throat space, extension table would be nice, and it has to be a work horse, I sew ALOT. For example, it should be able to handle a pair of jeans just as gracefully as it handles a quilt...Things it doesn't need, embroidery or fancy stitching and I really don't care about an automatic threader. That's really not a bad list, is it? I just wish someone would guide me in the right direction before I make this purchase! 

Merry Christmas to you all! May the New Year bring you nothing but happiness, good health, love and laughter! God Bless!