Sunday, February 18, 2018

Bearpaw Quilt

Hello friends! It's a gorgeous sunny day here in Ohio. Nothing in comparison to the days we've had. The flu hit our house in a very hard way. One of the girls had pneumonia and the other one the flu. Yes... it was inevitable that me and hubs would eventually get it. But now that things are finally tapering down and everyone is getting back into the groove of things, the sunshine felt super swell :)

Being sick has its perks ya know! Like all the free time you have to start spring cleaning, organize, and sew....... Yup! I was able to finish quite a few projects and gain momentum on some strewing ideas.

Take a look at one of the things completed! A colorful Bearpaw quilt! 

And those sexy boots? Thank you to my dear hubby who's such a sport! I know I can always count on my best friend to make sure this quilt doesn't get sopping wet during picture time! Especially since I'm vertically challenged.

I'm just loving the random colorplay and that border. Soo ecstatic about how tight this binding came out. Is "tight" even a quilt related term? Well... what I mean is that it's so neat. I searched everywhere on the internet for a tutorial that would give me thick binding on one side, thin on the other. Never found it. But playing around sure paid off. I'm thinking, I might just make up this tutorial myself.  Curious, is this a yay or nay for my fellow sewistas? Honest opinions always requested!

On a random note, being sick also meant re-organization. And in an attempt to save space I've decided to purge some of my fabric. So, The Mint Needle on Etsy will be selling some fatquarter bundles. Should I mention at massively reduced prices! Yes, friends, so please spread the word:) I need to make room for more fabric!!!

Until then, I'll be continuing this addiction to material and sewing with a big smile on my face! Happy stitching to all!