Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Light Salad

Hey veggie eaters! I got something sooo delicious you'll want to try. The heat is on & what better way to cool down than with a light & airy salad? You'll need: a couple tomatoes, an onion, a couple radishes, feta cheese, fresh basil, a lemon (optional), olive oil, & salt.
Start by slicing your tomatoes. Layer them first on your plate. Continue with sliced radishes on top. Next, add chopped onions, then feta cheese. Add finely chopped basil. You can lightly add the zest of a lemon on top to make it fresh. Salt & add olive oil as desired. We love this salad. It's one of those fast, yummy treats packed with color & taste.

And..... you get something even greater out of it. A great sandwich! It's perfect for lunch. Vegetarians can totally enjoy this flavorful treat by placing it in pita bread. All I did was cut one pita & fold the halves within each other. Ya know, to soak up all those great juices!

Let's see what we get out of it:)
-Tomatoes are packed with antioxidants, great for the heart & skin.
-Basil is great for reducing stress, diabetes, & asthma. It's linked to having antiviral & antimicrobial properties. Also, it has cancer fighting agents:)
-Radishes have vitamins. Magnesium, Vitamin B6, potassium, ascorbic acid, & folic acid.
-Feta cheese....well.....that's just yummy!
-Onions are in a field of their own. From curing the common cold to reducing inflammation, this veggie is marvelous. It's known to reduce head & neck cancers & fight osteoporosis & diabetes. I've even heard it reduces the swelling of a bee sting!

So now when you enjoy this scrumptious delight, you'll know your making your body that much healthier.
Hope you enjoy!
To light & tasty salads!

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