Saturday, September 29, 2018

Geodes and Aprons

Before I get started on this rock/apron thing, I gotta give you all an update on the this bar soap shampoo I've been using.  One word... Awesome! It takes a little of getting used to. At first, you feel kinda odd, like you're doing the wrong thing in the shower, rubbing a bar soap against your hair, but I've seen the results and it's so worth it. My hair is shinier, silkier and surprise... not as frizzy! Another thing, having natural curls, I notice they are more defined. If you decide to try the hair bar for yourself, there's only one bit of advice I suggest. Start by lathering your ends first and then work towards the scalp. You really don't need to put the bar against your head because it is essentially soap and soap spreads.

Moving on... I've been missing my sewing time dearly. If you follow on Instagram, you may have noticed, I'm just m-i-a. But there was one day, one day when..... I realized I was all caught up with laundry, the girls were in school, the hubs at work and my crockpot was cooking dinner for us. Voila! I could sew! I ended up piecing together these two little lovelies in just about 2 hours. It was fabulous!

Aren't they adorable?! I love combining fabrics into one statement pieces!

There are so many projects I want to start. Fabrics have all been 'grouped' for future quilts, bags, pillows, and aprons. One problem. Finding some more time to do them🤔


On another note... the rock thing. I'm a rock girl, my daughters are into the crystal thing, and the hubs loves landscaping with stones. So yes, we love our rocks! But do you know how exciting it is to crack open a geode? If you don't know, let me tell you. Geodes are round rocks, sometimes hollow in the middle. They take thousands of years to form and often, their center consists of crystals. They kinda resemble eggs and they are lightweight. If you suspect you've found a geode, give it a shake. If you hear rattling inside, it's got crystals!

I flipped when I saw these getting sold at the Country Living Fair by the plant tent!
I had to have them!

We had a blast cracking these open! The girls have added some new crystals to the collection!

If you decide to take a try at rock hunting, there are a few rules you should stick to. 
1. Dora said it best... "Backpack, backpack 🎶" ~ Always bring your backpack.
2. Wear protective glasses if your planning on cracking your finds.
3. Do a double take, if you think it's a cool looking rock, make sure it's not the head of a snake.
No joke. 
4. Have fun in the sun. When the sun shines on the ground, you notice the shiny stuff better!

Up and coming.....
Mushroom hunting is in full effect. The garden is cleaned out. And all I want to do is decorate for Halloween. Let's hope you see some new creations on your next visit.

Happy Trails to treasuring free time!

Sunday, September 16, 2018

The Country Living Fair 2018 and a quilt

Hello friends! There's so much to tell you about and so much to show you! For starters, I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful month of September. It's hard to believe that autumn is right around the corner, yet here we are. The nights are getting cooler and the daylight is getting shorter. A part of me is admiring the change. What better way to celebrate the end of summer than with a big bash? The Country Living Fair in Ohio Village was the perfect place! It was the one stop shop experience this weekend, getting us ready for everything that screams fall. From apple fritters to candy corn pillows, there was so much to see. Having made our way to the last couple of festivals, it's nice to see the changes each event brings. This year, there were more vendors that came out to join in on the fun! New shops, new products, and new tools for the country life! It was a true win for everyone! 

Aside from watching natural fabric dyeing techniques on the main stage, "The Kitchen" shared some delicious and simple pie recipes as well as methods to making a great pie crust. Here's a little glimpse of some extra treats!

And this house? Just some more eye candy. Falling in looooove with this color palette!!!

So..... of course you want to see some of my goodies, right?

This lovely sugar scrub got me on the sample testing! What a smart way to advertise ~ in the ladies powder room!
I went right to booth 319 and picked some up:) It was a have to have it moment.

All one can say is, THE SMELL OF HEAVEN with these products!

I've been searching for a bar soap for my hair. Ya, I know it sounds kinda strange but I've been trying really hard to omit unnecessary chemicals. Simplify, right? Sometimes it just feels as though we spend more time putting products on our hair rather than removing them. Do you know how delighted I was when I found Oregonia Soap Works selling at the fair! I'll definitely keep you posted to let you know if there's a difference and how it's going!

And check out these kitchen towels! Need I say anymore? Bakers gonna bake is going to my sister while I'm going to be rollin'. Linda's Other Life on Etsy is where you can find them!

 I also bought an array of vintage linens and tablecloths. Two of them pictured, the tea towel mushroom chart and the beautiful hand embroidery in the upper right corner.

And on another note.....

The wip, (work in progress), that reminded me of a light show at a concert is finally complete! 

Seriously, what are the chances? You have something in mind... start setting out to create it, and then Voila! There it is in a different orientation. I think this quilt has an all new meaning.

And the concert? The great sound of The War on Drugs.


~Next time on The Mint Needle~

Geodes and Aprons

Happy Trails to the autumn winds!

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

 The heat is still in full swing, here in Ohio, surprisingly. On occasion, we'll have a cool night but they seem so far and few between with the immense humidity that's in the air. Yes, our family is looking forward to sweater weather. I can't wait to open our windows and feel a fresh breeze run through. The air conditioning running constantly has made our air feel stagnant and kinda just blah! 

The girls have returned to school which is bittersweet. The hubs is just finishing up on our home project that was only supposed to take one month. (It ended up taking 3!!!) But the new staircase looks so beautiful! I have been tinkering about the yard, grabbing bundles of herbs to dry for winter. And... our freezer is looking quite lavish with all the garden grown veggies we'll get to enjoy after frost.

One of the most pleasant things that have happened so far is that I've learned about how important this extremely annoying weed was.

Every year... for the past 4 years, I've attempted to pull out and re-dig our front flower bed due to the overgrowth of Equisetum Arvense, or better known as, field horsetail. Little did I know, that I was eliminating one of the most important herbaceous plants, capable of healing ailments such as kidney and urinary infections, prostate health, arthritis and gout just to name a few.

So what does field horsetail look like? Here ya go!

So what exactly do you do with this amazing little plant? I've been washing and air drying them on a cotton tablecloth in my dining room. The low light is just perfect. When needed, I can take a few sprigs and place them in boiling water for a quick tea. If you're interested in a more "in depth" look at this beauty, try clicking over to this website for more info. Hit the translate button to English and you'll be amazed at what this perennial plant is used for.

Moving on...... I've finally drained my jar of yarrow oil! I filled a large jar with yarrow buds and grapeseed oil quite awhile ago. After about 6 weeks of resting in a sunny spot, my oil was ready for use! 

I love to store our oils in mini pop bottles. Now, I know you can't reuse the caps, but these beer savers come in handy all the time!

Yarrow oil is great for so many things! Use it for the common cold, hemorrhoids, upper respiratory infections, cuts and scrapes, and the oil even makes an awesome acne free facial moisturizer!
How great is that?!?

On the crafty note...
I haven't had much time to devote to sewing. Big sigh.....
But I think that's going to be changing pretty soon. 
I celebrated the girls first day back at school, by plopping on the couch and finishing up some needlework. The tiny rose will make a pretty darling addition to an upcoming project I'm excited to start. 
There's a very large "simple" quilt that is on the cusp of getting completed.
The Autumn themed decor is slowly making its way out of hiding. 

Ending this post with some end of the summer images from our home! 
Till next time friends :)