Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Guess what?......Yahoo, my store is up on Etsy! Yay, yay, and more yay's:) This was a must post before 2011 turns into 2012.   The last month has been really hectic, but I gotta hunch....I'm going to have some mellow-me and crafting time very soon. The shop name follows my blog, The Mint Needle -with a label - Lucy Loves Me. (Thanks to a dear friend who inspired me to use our cat Lucy in the label.)  I originally joined Etsy in 2010, but didn't start selling till the end of November - e.g. not too many blogs for the month of December. Ideas are all about, but the time, unfortunately is not. I have alot of projects going on right now and will be adding more items as time proceeds. I hope you stop in and take a look at some of the fun things I've done so far.

The pics posted today are of an apron that completely reminds me of the movie "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang", and for that reason am having a hard time parting with it. The dress is the product of  internet tutorials and two hours of free time with fun fabric and daydreaming of spring. I gotta say.... most blogs focus on the time of year, this post assures you - spring is on the way.

I'm wishing everyone a happy end to 2011 and a positive, enlightened, energized, loved, full of health, happiness, & laugh till your belly hurts 2012.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mom's Snowflakes

I hope everyone is enjoying this Holiday Season as we all scramble to get those last minute items.  I can't believe how fast this month has been moving by! I can honestly say I'm savoring every moment I get to craft as the month of December has been quite difficult, being packed with too many 'to-do's'. In the previous post about our Christmas tree, I photographed a bird's nest my mother had crocheted and made mention of some beautiful snowflakes. I had to share in hopes that you all may enjoy and want to replicate these on your spare time.  (Ya know, to maintain sanity during the holidays. ) These snowflakes were starched and dried flat to hold there shape. Each measures 3 to 6 inches and you really don't need hooks to attach to the tree. Could you picture a beautiful garland of snowflakes with ribbon intertwined?  Just a thought.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Tree, O' Christmas Tree

Christmas tree, Ooooh' Christmas tree, how I love thee! Okay.... Let me start off by telling you how much I love Christmas time! I love the smell of fresh pine in the house, the toasty fire, hot chocolate galore, and most of all - Snow Days! Anyone who's got little ones can appreciate how great those snow days can be. The tree is finally up, (actually a couple days ago), and it looks beautiful! I just had to share. The girls did a great job decorating it. The exciting thing is....everyday, the ornaments change location. The kids find it so fun to move them around the tree, to decorate and redecorate and redecorate:) (I finally see I'm rubbing off on them.) These are just some more pictures of our tree. Every year, I take a bazillion pictures, close-ups and all. I never want to forget how beautiful it was that year.

The crocheted birds nest made by my mom. I'll have to post
the snowflakes she crocheted. They're absolutely beautiful!

Now, at our house, we do not have the elf on the shelf. We have a Santa doll, a Christmas tree fairy, and a poinsettia plant to let our kids know, Santa will be aware of all they do. Yes, I said poinsettia plant. Santa doll has been there since day 1, he comes out as soon as we start decorating the home. Tree fairy, she's sweet and reminds us that it's okay if we get in trouble...a little. And last, poinsettia plant. This story is the product of a tired mom, trying to amuse her kids to finish the last bit of vegetables in their dinner plate. See, poinsettias are only sold during winter time. Ya know why? Because they come from the North Pole. Santa grows these beautiful plants and sticks little radios in the soil or somewhere on the leaves to listen in on what's going on in the house. The radios are so small they can even be a speck of glitter. Soooo....if you ever see my children and they're fiddling around your poinsettia plant....That is why:)