Tuesday, December 24, 2013

It's Potpourri Ornaments!

Are you ready for tomorrow? Have you been cleaning & reorganizing right before Christmas too? I think we do this to make room for the new stuff;) One of the items I happened to clear out was some fall potpourri. I had bigger plans for it. Check out these adorable ornaments the girls and I made! With a few trinkets, string, and a hot glue gun, you could make something for anyone. And... just think, they make great car fresheners too!

Stay warm, stay safe & be thankful!
~Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas~

Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Wreath Card

I wanted to show this before it was too late! Inspired by all the cards in the stores, I just had to take a try at making a ribbon wreath. Have you ever tried to crochet ribbon? Well if you have, then you know it starts to curve naturally as you go. A little different for the holidays, don't these wreath cards look really special? And you can even make little gift tags like this too! The supplies needed: scrapbook paper (a heavier weight), craft glue that dries clear, ribbon, a crochet needle, scissors, and a cute little something to add where the bow goes.

Cut your scrapbook paper to a desired card size. Your wreath stitches will vary based on your card size. Glue at the base of the wreath first & connect the ends by overlapping. Wait till it dries and slowly glue under the remaining circle. Last, add your decorative detail. Could you imagine how cute this would look with little scrapbooking trinkets or even more rows of ribbons for the wreath? The possibilities are endless!

If you look closely, you can see that I stitched one card with the sewing machine and glued the others. Stitching the wreath into place was more difficult and in the end I wasn't too crazy about it. If you decide to stitch also ~ instead of using glue, remember to place something on the opposite side, inside the card, just  in case your stitching doesn't form a perfect circle. (It would kinda look sloppy, right? And... satin ribbon is very hard to keep in place when your sewing it to a piece of paper. Hence, I prefer the glue!)

This is a great idea to use use up small ribbon scraps & scrapbook paper!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


The Cleveland Botanical Garden is a pretty special place to visit any time of the year. But, it's even more special in the winter when you get to experience Glow. Glow at the Garden is a show engulfed in the Christmas spirit. Beautiful decorations, music, detailed gingerbread houses, ornament making, train rides, and garden tours are just some of the things you get to enjoy. In honor of the season, take a look at some of the sights!

Butterflies in December? It was great! After getting to enjoy all the holiday cheer, the greenhouse offered warmer climates, where everyone was taking off the sweaters & coats. The cb garden did a great job mixing fun with learning for the little ones.  And I just have to say... the wishing tree was my favorite! 

Happy Trails to The Cleveland Botanical Garden! 

Saturday, December 14, 2013

A little bit of everything!

And the Christmas cards were finally sent this past week!
This is the third year we've ordered from Snapfish and I gotta say I love them!
The cards always come out nice. I think I'm going to attempt the same pose year after year for a mini book for each of the girls:)

And.... in the midst of all that Christmas shopping, I scored the cutest vintage tween Vogue pattern. Can you say adjustments for the little ones and myself? What an adorable reverse wrap!

Fabric is everywhere, no joke. And I'm refusing to sew with winter colors. I mean, who doesn't love flowers and pastels? Even in 7 inches of snow!

Happy Trails!