Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Quince Love

Quince! Oh~ how we adore you!

Yummy jam is ready for tasting!

We've never had a turnout quite like this year. The trees were packed and as the weeks progressed, the weight of the fruit caused branches to bend down all the way to the grass. It was a beautiful sight.

Of course I made some yummy jam. My measurements: 2 cups of sugar to 1 cup water & 4 cups of pureed fruit. Instead of grating my quince, I used a food processor. Start at the stove top by bringing your sugar and water to a syrupy consistency. Peel the quince and submerge them in water and some fresh lemon juice to slow the darkening process. When all is peeled, you can start cutting apple slice sizes and placing them in the processor. Eliminate any seedy, dark, or tough areas. Add your puree to the simmering syrup and let it cook until the fruit softens and turns to a clear orange color. Let the jam completely cool before placing them into the jars. There are so many other ways to eat the fruit. And the best are sometimes in their simplest forms. Bake a quince and while it is still hot, add butter and sugar. It's a dessert all on it's own.

Here's a couple more awesome facts about quince:
~The fresh juice can help pancreatic insufficiency & asthma sufferers.
~Quince is packed with such a high percentage of fiber that it is used for
weight loss in many other countries.
~It helps alleviate morning sickness if eaten on an empty stomach.
~It contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B17 & C.
~Drinking the juice can help alleviate eye problems & more gastro intestinal issues
such as ulcers, liver problems, colitis, and diarrhea.
~It is known as a natural way to lower cholesterol.
~The juice & pulp is good for those who are anemic.
~And the fruit has been shown to reduce the risk of cancer cells.

Hip, hip, hooray for quince!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Hello Autumn

"Autumn is a second spring where
every leaf is a flower."
~ Albert Camus

Our pumpkin keeps getting bigger, but the color has yet to change.
Is it really already here? I can't believe fall started yesterday!
I guess this means the orange decorations come out from their bins and the leaf
rubbings happen all over again.
Here's to bonfires, boots, caramel apples, warm sweaters, cider, pumpkin pie, candles, and
the delicious smell of cinnamon....everywhere.
Now, let's hope this colossal pumpkin turns orange before Halloween!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

What's new?

Hey dolls! What have you all been up to? Here, we're enjoying the weather changes, slower days, and cooler nights. But that doesn't mean we haven't been busy. An Ebay score was delivered. Let's get sewing. Pepper love is in full effect. Lets get canning. Quince is starting to get harvested. Time to make jam. And a custom order is getting completed! Whew! So let's take a look at some pics!

The coolest thing was finally getting to bid on this pattern from the late 40's.
I came across a similar piece on one of those fashion history websites, printed out a picture and have been
on the lookout for it on Ebay for almost a year!

Sweet giant red peppers. That is a full size dinner plate just to give you an idea of how large these babies are!
They're going to get roasted on the grill and the hard skin will be peeled.
After... I'll add some evoo, crushed garlic, and fresh parsley from the garden.
This shall be a tasty addition to scrambled eggs in the a.m.

Ahh....Quince. Another yummy post shall follow soon
enough about the cool things that you could do with these!
Pretty aprons, all with similar hues are covering our craft table.
It's kinda like colorful candy for the eyes.


Love it when little hands help!  

And seed harvesting....Always making sure we get to enjoy the same colors next year!

I hope everyone is enjoying the last few days of summer!
Happy Trails!


Monday, September 9, 2013

Good Finds

Every year after Labor Day, our neighborhood holds a "community sale". But it's more than that. One of my favorite things about this is the flea market that gets set up in front of the Elementary School. It always includes two loyal sellers who travel from Cleveland to set up shop right under some beautiful trees. (And every year, they receive a loyal Check out some of my favorite finds!


Clip on earrings from the 50's & 60's

3 yards of vintage fabric
My fave! This would make a perfect addition to an apron!
If it's vintage, I adore it. Especially the linens and needlework items. I grew up in a home with an avid crochet-er, my mom. There were always a ton of handmade items around the house ~ table clothes, doilies, and wall art. Growing up watching my mother spend hours, weeks, and even months on these items made me have a love and respect for them like no other piece of art. So... when I go to these flea markets and estate sales and I see that handmade crochet doilies or table runners are only a better believe I grab them. I would never have the guts to show you readers what has accumulated through the years but I will say it has become the driving force behind creating some 'upcycled' items.

And on another note:

Coming home from work to find a fairy circle is one of the coolest things ever! So happy to see my girls made a 'dance floor' for our winged friends:)

Till next time!

Friday, September 6, 2013

National Sew Month


I can't believe it's a week into September and I haven't done a post about national sew month! (That is, until today.) I decided to share a little 'quickie' in hopes of sparing my daughter's favorite jeans. We just don't need any more shorts and floods could never do. So how about some cute capris?

To be quite honest, I have a tendency to eye ball how much I should cut.
I start with one leg and use the scrap to measure how much to cut off the second leg.
Using the scrap, measure the circumference and add 3/4 of an inch for serging.
This will be the length for the additional fabric.


I added some lace trim and made sure to serge or finish the added piece to prevent fraying prior to stitching them together. I also made note not to stitch right at the seam, but rather below it.
Then, fold your right sides inward and stitch the sides together.

Keep it inside out and place them over your denim pants.

Make sure to line up the seams and sew together!
Finish with your hem.

Pretty cute huh? And the best part...
The jeans have been saved!
On another note..... National sewing month has me thinking about machines, fabrics, needles, and threads. I've decided to take some time and re-organize my crafty doors to see.."what has happened to all my machine feet?" Here's to hoping September brings more time for stitching and do-it yourself projects!

Happy Trails till next time!