Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Time to Catch Up

A little post about what we've been up too... and then some!

Empire apples have been sliced & diced! We're making sure these yummy chips stay stocked over winter thanks to the dehydrator I've inherited:) They resemble the tangy flavor of fruit roll ups but are a ton healthier!
Yay! The pumpkin has been harvested!
The girls couldn't believe how big it had gotten & how fast.

Below, furniture... currently up for debate.
What color to paint this sideboard? 
I think this would be a great project to take on in Spring, when refreshing will be of importance.

 Crown Princess Margareta ~ Last roses of the season.
They still smell Heavenly.

A new pattern and a gorgeous bundle from Sprightly Fabrics.

Some undergarment testing. So far so good.
(The real purpose: These knickers would make a pretty
cute high waisted bikini.)
Can't wait to post this fun quick sew!

With Halloween just days away, we finally got our costumes all together.
At a time when most mother's are taking creativity to the fullest, I have been honoring
the store bought versions. I know, the guilty secrets of a crafty mom.
Now....onto other things like chocolate cake ~ Check out Clementine & Clove for a timeless recipe!
Happy Trails!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Pocket

A fast pattern ~ promising a perfect fit & length was lacking something to make it unique. What could be better than adding a single pocket lined in black trim? So, I did it and here's how!

Once your fabric is cut, label your pieces if the shapes are too similar.
For this skirt, it would be very easy to confuse the front for the back.

Cut the shape of a trapezoid out. Mine measured 7.5" by 5.5" at the base and worked outwards.
(The wider the top, the more gathers you will have.)
Should you want 2 pockets on your bum instead?
Make them smaller!
Decrease measurements at least 2 inches:)

Serge or finish all sides with your zig zag stitch.
At the widest part, make one row of a gathering stitch.
You can do this with a straight stitch or zig zag, but your
length has to be on the longest setting.
Pull together and tie the ends when you get the desired pocket shape.
Using bias tape, cover your unfinished edge.
(It's easier to work with your skirt in pieces.)
Pin your pocket in place while folding the serged edge inside.
Remember to think about seam allowance
and possible adjustments.

Use small pins as they are easier to work with. And pin it all
along the edge.
Put your skirt together. Keep in my mind ~ working with knits is great.
You don't need elastic, just remember to use a zig zag stitch at the waist
so that it stretches over those hips when putting it on!
You could make these pockets on any skirts that are just too 'flat'.
A denim skirt for fall would be so cute with quilter's cotton fabric!
On another note:
What are we looking forward to? Picking that colossal pumpkin that finally turned orange and making a jack-o-lantern. School pictures are right around the corner. I sense a crazy morning ahead with my two divas. Another cute, quick pattern post. Anyone need some knickers? And who's in the mood for apple chips?
Happy trails till next time:)

Monday, October 7, 2013

The Infinity Ruffle Scarf


A new shipment of fabric couldn’t have arrived at a better time. In the middle of Project Runway re-runs and the girls being in school, a cardboard box was awaiting my presence. And when I opened it… Jackpot an extra couple inches because I got the end of the bolts!

Creativity’s on a roll as I immediately knew what to do with that extra soft striped fabric.
Take a look at this super easy and cute October scarf!

The striped, rayon fabric has a width of 65 inches. For the projects purposes, make this width your length. The first step is to decide how thick or 'chunky' you want your scarf to be.
I do this by folding it over and playing around with my 'new width'.
Next, I measured four inches and cut a strip.
Cut two more. Once all three 4" strips are cut, stitch them together at the
sides for one super long piece.

Set your machine on the longest stitch available so that you can gather to make ruffles.
Start from one side and work the gathers together.
Do the same to the other side.
It is near impossible to gather this all the way through without
this nifty and time saving technique:
For gathering in the center,
use your seam ripper to pull for more gathers.
Don't worry if the thread breaks.
Just tie the ends to stop from pulling apart.

I love using this fast way to gather really long ruffles.
By pulling the thread centrally, you are able to create a more balanced look.

Once your gathers are together, place the ruffles on top of the scarf.
Face sides should be against eachother.
Pin the ruffles in place.
This is the most time consuming part because you will
have to elongate or shorten your ruffles.
(Another benefit of the central gathering technique using the seam ripper.)
Fold over the other half of the scarf and pin in place like the picture below.
It should kinda look like a sandwich with all face sides internal.

Stitch them together but don't forget to shorten your stitch length on your machine!

Carefully, turn it inside out and remove all the pins.
Fold it in half ~ width wise and line up the ruffles.
Both 'open' ends should be next to eachother.
Sew your scarf shut by starting in the center and circling around till you
almost meet the ruffles.
Close the scarf with some hand stitches.
So versatile! You can wear it long or folded over!
That is it my friends! Another cute one to add to the wardrobe:)

Happy Trails to infinity scarfs and beyond!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hello October

The most beautiful month of the year is here!  It's like Spring all over again except without all the yard work and rain. The trees have begun their turn and the hills are slowly taking on the usual red and golden hues. It's amazing. We've been enjoying the outdoors and snuggling up to blankets and hot cocoa. And during the days, I've finally been stitching at my desired pace and creating some adorable items.

Empire Apples

Yummy Concord Grapes

Spaghetti Squash, mini pumpkins and homemade strawberry jam from
the local orchard.

 The fall fairy has yet to decorate the inside of our house. But the mums and cornstalks are in full effect. For those wondering about our giant green pumpkin? Well... let's just say she's still green, just alot bigger.
Happy October Trails:)