Saturday, March 31, 2018

Some started, some finished... Just a little catch up.

Even though it's Spring in Ohio, we are not feeling it.... The cold just won't go away. On the warmer days, that being 46 at the highest, I've managed to clean up the garden, clean up the flower pots and cut back our tall grasses. Yes, it was cold, but at least sunny. Still, we're yearning for those gorgeous greens to start popping throughout the trees! If only there was a way to tell mother nature, enough is enough.

On the sewing front, bright colored projects are swooning about. It's been a mad case of trying to utilize my current fabric stash and finding the right outlet to use them in. Take a look at what's been going on!

I finally finished this project, started umpteen months ago. The blocks came together making me wish I had purchased more fabric to make this into a colossal quilt. I've never been one to favorite the color orange, but this piece has my heart melting blending with the greens. I love it to pieces!

I did that binding I told you about in the previous post! Wide on one side, thin on the other. 
It just comes out so darn sharp! And for me, it's quite easier to make:)

And the block below? It's the start of something I'm not so sure I should continue. 
On one hand, I love the brightness, on the other, I'm debating my choice in pairing.


The only thing that keeps me working on this piece is the vision I have in the end. 
Geez... I hope it comes out. 

And of course, what sewista works on one project at a time? Nobody I know. 
When Campfire popped up on my Pinterest feed, I knew I had to have it!
This project is for moderate skilled quilters. So far, I'm finding what appears to be simple straight lines, could sometimes be tricky. This project is definitely fun so far, but boy oh boy, you gotta stay sharp. No slacking allowed here!

Happy Easter to all! May your days be filled with all the blessings!