Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bird Houses

The baby birds have left the nest....
It was a little bitter sweet for the girls. They had a TON of questions. "Where did they go? Will they be back? Are they flying? Where's the mama bird? Can she still feed them?.....Oh wait, I think I see one:)"
So..... of course we had to think of a project dedicated to these little ones. Thanks to the local craft store, we found these adorable birdhouses in different shapes & sizes. While my older daughter was enjoying her last full week of school, I kept my future kindergartner busy. She just loves to paint! (Must've got that from me:))

Use plastic wrap on a white plate for paints. You can save the unused paint for the next day by
simply applying another piece on top and sealing!

Mini acrylic paint sets are perfect, (& inexpensive), for showing the little ones
how to mix colors:)

Having your own creations around the house is amazing for the spirit.
The girls love their birdhouses & always make sure to check them.
Once in awhile, they'll find a flower inside...wink, wink.
It must be the birdies way of saying thank you for all the care:)

To honoring our little birdies!
Happy Trails!

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