Friday, June 15, 2012

Parrot's Beak

I have something so great I want to share with all of you. It's my hanging basket! I am blown away by this delightful & divine perennial. My sister & I stumbled across this amazing plant at our local garden center about a month ago. We decided that each of us had to go home with one. As we carried our huge, over sized baskets to the checkout, a sales clerk asked if we had any questions regarding the plants. We turned to each other & shrugged our shoulders. Neither of us had a clue as to what they were in the first place. We just knew we wanted one in our yards. The women saw we had no idea & told us about this really neat flower. The name is Parrot's Beak Lotus & let me tell you, it is gorgeous! Packed with a silvery foliage, it survives as a perennial only in the warmer climates. ( in Ohio, I'm going to bring it indoors over the winter to see if it will survive.) Even though it's considered a ground cover, it makes a breathtaking hanging basket. They trail extremely well & if you want to promote those bright orangey, red flowers, all you have to do is trim the hanging parts off. I waited a couple weeks to post this because I wanted to see how the plant works. Or..shall I say....will it die after a week? I am glad to report this is an amazing plant that will always have a place at our home! It's alive & doing well. Since the three weeks have gone by, the flowers have tripled and no....I did not have to trim any ends like the lady at the garden center told me to. It has a home on our porch that gets great morning sunshine & shade the rest of the day. I'm also happy to report that my sister's plant is doing great as well. She has hers in a mostly sunny location all day, up until late afternoon. The only thing I would like to pass along is these need to be watered consistently. I was blown away by how 'thirsty' this plant gets. A plus is that you also will get to enjoy all those hummingbirds as they just love the bright flowers & no dead-heading is necessary! How great is that?

To Happy Hanging Baskets:)

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