Sunday, August 20, 2017


There is a steady, non-avoidable change in the air. The grasses are turning straw green, despite all the rain. Leaves are looking tired from the wind beating on them. And the fruits. They are all about to ripen or have already done so. I love this time of year. Fall is slowly making it's way and even though the girls are heading back to school this week, part of me is excited about the different type of calm that will be arriving. 

Pleasant surprises are continually popping up in the gardens around the house. For example, we had no idea that the lovely succulent we purchased blooms! Look at the gorgeous coral flower!

And.... I assumed I had finally met my batch of bad seeds when I thought I planted cucumbers and wasn't seeing any fruits of my labor.... Then, one day this little guy appeared. 

The next couple of days, I found this acorn squash.

Now, I'm pretty good at labeling all my seeds but I can't understand why one looks like a green pumpkin and the other a squash. Only time will tell. So much for telling my mother it's been a bad summer for cucumbers on our end!

We are just waiting for these to ripen!!


My lovely Moonlight Treaters is complete and framed:) I wanted to share why the cross stitch picture I found on Etsy meant the world when I saw it. 

It completely reminded me of my little witch years ago! All the way down to the skirt!


Here's a tiny sneak peak of a project I just started for the Capricorn in the family! I can't wait to share the finished product. Simply in aww of that color palate. 

And of course we don't stop sewing with our machines! This number was created, literally in a few hours one afternoon, when I was yearning for a second of sewing time. 
Hence, we ate pizza that night and accumulated a new quilt.


And I had to throw in this close-up of the Ironweed that grows along our driveway.
That color is mesmerizing.

Here's to the the paths we pave on our own.

Happy trails till next time friends!