Friday, August 22, 2014

August, I didn't forget you!

Hello land of blogging and readers! You have no idea how much I've missed this little space! And how much I wish I could post a bazillion things all at once. A much needed vacation, some special family time, & house projects were just some of the reasons why I've been gone. I wanted to do a little post to let August know, I haven't forgotten.

I'm sharing with you all, just a couple of lovely pictures. Here are some crafty items from our hotel's mini market.

A figurine maker melting glass sticks.

I love how colorful & bright all the items are! So inspiring, so fresh, & so vibrant!

& on another note......
The girls have already made their return to school. (.... a pause for the grin.....) I get the sense that this period of post-summer break will be quite humbling as I'm holding on as tightly as I can to what's left of it. What I am looking forward to.... a September that calls for chunky sweaters & leg warmers. What do think about pulling out some knitting needles? 
Till next time friends!