Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Sunglass Case

I thought I'd finally post this cute project that I uploaded to our computer, but never got around to uploading  to the blog. No joke, I made this sunglass case months ago! It's handy location is what makes this project so share-worthy. Here's the story.
I have a tendency to misplace lots of items. Sunglasses being one of them. And I loathe driving when it's really bright outside, especially now, when the sunlight hits the snow. This handy case was created for my car visor to make sure my sunglasses stay put and don't get scratched.

This is what you'll need to make this darling little case:

2 fabrics  4 x 7
2 fusible interfacings 4x7
1 fusible interfacing 3x4
1 sticky velcro set (or sew-on)
2 fabrics 3x4 
1 coordinatining fabric 4 x 13.5 (for lining)
& elastic

In this project your basically creating 2 large rectangles, sewing them together, & folding them to shape.
Start by measuring your car visor. Mine measured at almost 7 inches which is pretty standard. Take that number and add 1.5 inches. This is how much elastic you will need.

Next apply fusible interfacings (4x7) to your 4x7 cut fabrics. Repeat for the 3x4 fabric piece. You should still have one 3x4 fabric piece that does NOT have interfacing on it.

Attach the elastic to the very edge of one of the 4x7 fabric pieces.

Face sides together, stitch one side.

Press the seam.

On the other end, do the same with the 3x4 fabric piece that has interfacing adhered. 

Press open again.
You should be left with 2 pieces that have no interfacing on them.
The 13.5 x 4 & the 3 x 4.
Stitch them together & press open.

Face side together, stitch your two rectangles together creating a large U, leaving the 3x4 side open.

Turn inside out and press again.

While your ends are still open, you can hand stitch velcro in place or any decorative buttons.

Finish your end by ironing 1/4 fabric inwards and a straight stitch.

Fold your case to shape & straight stitch the sides again.

If desired, put your sticky velcro in place.
 (Just make sure your allow 24 hours of drying before you use it.)

Isn't it cute? And it didn't cost a penny thanks to fabric scraps!

Bring on the sunshine!

Happy Trails!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

" A loving heart is the truest wisdom."
~Charles Dickens

Hello readers! I feel like it's been so long since my last post. Yes, the days are flying! We've been busy having fun with more projects dedicated to the day of love. This time it involved bright, glittery craft glue and some old tops.  I had the girls do some fashion designing of their own, creating simple lined pictures. Just remember to place something in between your fabric layers to prevent sticking together. Cereal boxes worked great for this.
Now, they are thinking of everything and anything to put this glue on! 
Serves me right, I guess.
I'm soo excited to announce that my daughter's bracelet fundraiser was a big success & we were even given an extra day:) For me, this means another trip to Joann's, more thread, more rubber bands, & more bracelet making. No complaints here, but I sure do miss my sewing machines. Maybe I'll add a couple of new patterns to the shopping list. That should do the trick!

Hoping everyone has a marvelous day with their loves!
Till next time, Happy Trails:)

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Paper Heart

Yahoo for another Valentine's Day project! This little heart is all about creating a paper quilt.  It makes great wall art for a girls room & it was just too cute not to share. 

Grab your favorite paper stacks, a ruler, pencil, double sided tape, & scissors. 
Contact paper is not necessary but it will help your project move quicker.

All you need to do is fold a piece of blank paper in half and cut out the shape of a heart.

Working on one side, make a central dot and create lines using your ruler.

Number your sections. This is what it should look like. 

Keeping your paper folded, cut each section. 
As you re-open it, number the opposing side as well.
The only purpose this serves is to move your project along more efficiently in case
your pieces get moved.
Same idea goes in case you want to make a puzzle heart.

Working piece by piece, trace your section onto cardstock and cut.

To create the heart into one piece, I used the contact paper.
It's pretty easy & forgiving if you need to move your shapes for a tighter fit.

At the end, fold over the contact paper so that your able to cut the 
heart out completely without all the fuss:)

 Place the heart onto a contrasting background.
That's it! Isn't it adorable?
I think I'm going to add a little button in the center:)

Happy Trails:)

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Hello February!

This past week we've managed freezing weather, tons of snow, & today....rain! I can't believe it either! We are all finally starting to feel better after a very yucky cold overtook the home. At one point, I felt like Charlie, our dog, was going to start sneezing. The house is getting back to normal and things are slowing down. That, my friends, calls for a big YAY! 

                            We are still working on lots of bracelets. I ended up crocheting some colorful                                                 pieces with cross stitch thread. The girls loved them & I hope they'll be a hit! 

Plus, a couple more Valentine's thanks to the inspiration on Pinterest. We love our owl stickers!

Till next time!