Monday, May 28, 2018

Summer approaching

And just like that, my friends, May is coming to a close. Hard to believe that almost half the year has already gone by. Time sure flies!

The girls are eagerly awaiting summer break (just 1 more week left!!!). I don't know who's more excited, us parents or the girls! I mean honestly... how sweet it is....that first day of sleeping in!

I've been scratching about on a few projects and managed to finish a little quilt top. I absolutely love large block quilts and oversized shapes and sizes.

I came across a nice pattern at! My finished piece consists of four 24" April Blocks. For anyone interested in learning how to quilt, this design is complex enough to give someone the boost they need, but definitely not difficult to understand or piece together.

I used Art Gallery Fabrics, solids and one floral. Now that it is complete, I can't help but reimagine how different it would've looked had I placed the florals elsewhere in the design. It must be one of the many reasons quilting is so much fun! It's a creative hobby with endless possibilities.

April Giant Block

On the forefront, these lovely fabrics are waiting for a purpose. Winter Creek Cloth  had a fabulous sale not too long ago, and there was no way I could say no! The colors are bold and vibrant, perfect for summer sewing. There are 3 simple ideas in mind: One, dealing with many stripes. The second, many triangles. Or the third, some log cabin love. So many choices!

May you all have sunshine where you stand today (and tomorrow, and everyday after)!
Happy Trails till next time:)