Thursday, June 28, 2012

For the Love of Blueberries

Indulging in blueberries. That's what we're doing. I passed a local farm yesterday & saw a sign that said, "You Pick Blueberries". I thought, "How wonderful...we gotta take the kids!"  A call to my sister went out & before I knew it, all eight of us were outside picking & enjoying the sunshine.

The best part: no pesticides & no fertilizers! We were able to eat them right away!

After 3.30 pounds of blueberries, some sweet corn & a candy sister went home to make her amazing blueberry syrup & I gave a shot at making blueberry jam. Take a look!

I used Pomona's Pectin.

Before you get started, mix 1/2 cup of water with your white calcium
powder. You can store it in a jar in the fridge for months. You need this to activate
 your pectin. (It comes in your pectin kit.)

Mash 4 cups of washed blueberries. Add 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice &
2 teaspoons of your calcium water.

Bring it to a boil.

Mix your sugar (1 & a 1/2 cups) with your pectin (2 teaspoons).
After your fruit mixture boils, add the sugar combination & stir very quickly.
Bring to a boil again for about 3 minutes & your done!

I can't believe this jam! It is so delicious that I'm using the remainder of my blueberries
to make more!
Things you should know:
1. You can substitute sugar for honey.
2. Clean all your jars & lids with boiling water. This includes the one that
will store your calcium mixture.
3. If your calcium discolors, you need to throw it out. It's no longer good.
4. Make sure all the stems are off.
& last
5. This jam would be great to fill some Thumbprints......just sayin'

Blueberries are yummy & healthy. From lowering cholesterol & blood pressure to supporting our immune systems, they are amazing. The delicious fruit is considered a top notch cancer fighter and is also known to improve our memory & help fight depression.  
Hip hip hooray for blueberries!

Hope you enjoy!
To Happy Blueberry Trails!

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