Thursday, September 22, 2016

Hello Autumn!

"Autumn is the second Spring, where every leaf is a flower"
~ Albert Camus

My favorite time of year has arrived! Here's to a season that promises tons of color, caramel apples, pumpkins galore, soft sweaters, bonfires, and boots! I'm not sure if it was the horrible humidity in Ohio this summer, but I've never looked forward to cooler weather more than this year. The nights have been amazing and for the first time, we've been able to keep our windows open all day long! Fresh air is truly wonderful! 

I spent the last day of summer taking pictures of a Sawtooth Star quilt top that has been a slow and steady project. The best feeling, is seeing your idea come to life with every stitch. I didn't have an actual pattern to follow. Instead, I did my usual of picking out some fabric, and saying - "this would make a cute block." It was pure bliss hanging it on my sis in-laws giant white barn for some pictures!

I also snapped away at a "little one" that I've posted awhile back. This triangle quilt finally has a border, but there's still some things up in the air. For example, should I add more borders to enlarge the size? When do you decide a project is finished? I guess it'll just have to sit and wait until a decision gets made.

There's still so much to do around the garden. Even though it's Fall, seed starting took place with some perennials. I'll have to find a home for flowering ground covers and Sweet William:)

Happy Trails to this colorful season of change!