Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Double Sawtooth Star

"There's a great satisfaction in seeing a thing take shape and form under one's hands. 
Especially if they are made from oddments into something worthwhile."
~ Nella Last, 1945

Ohh, I just couldn't stop sewing yesterday. For those of you who follow on Instagram, you probably recognize the pic above. An attempt to 'use up' some scraps resulted in a quilt block that will easily go down as one of my favorites.

The double sawtooth star was a pleasure to make and surprisingly quick. I'm not sure if it was the short stitches that made it move along, but one thing is for sure. I'm hooked!

My time was divided into creating more blocks and cutting up a box of scraps for future ones! 
Hence, the quote:)
The big plan is to turn these into a colorful wall hanging. But that is always up for change. We love blankets! wink, wink.

Thanks to McCall's Quilting Site for all those free patterns and for showing me the different ways to put these blocks together. 

Plus, this was the first time I made flying geese without using the 'no-waste' method.
And the shocker.... I really liked it! I found that I had a LOT less trimming to do. Like.... none whatsoever.  Did I pitch the triangle scraps from the ends? Yup, and even though most of us would feel bad seeing perfect little triangles go to the trashcan, I was happy I used what I could. Because... my scrap box(es) were becoming scrap baskets. 

So what else has all this inspiration and sewing caused? I FINALLY know what I'm going to do with my gnome fabric! Make little double sawtooth stars with those adorable hats front and center! 

Happy journeys till next time :)

Friday, February 3, 2017

And Groundhog Day has passed....

According to Punxsutawney Phil, we're looking at 6 more weeks of snow. Am I the only one hoping this is true, because, here in Ohio, winter can last all the way into May.

Having said that, I hope everyone is having a great start to 2017. I must admit, I haven't been utilizing my free time very effectively.  Instead of focusing solely on sewing and finishing projects, I've been spending my days playing with photography and have even gotten back into painting. But I did get the Etsy shop up and running (again). Right?

And I made sure everything is on a massive markdown. The reason: I need room for more projects :) So please, feel free to pass on the news!

There are too many wips, or works in progress, going on in the sewing room. Currently on the cutting table, a black quilt that pops with color. No pattern. Just found a block on Pinterest I had to try.

Plus, my solid colored remnants are finally getting put to use.  I plan on using the checkered pieces in between. I can't wait to finish this one!

More ideas:
I'm dying to make some placemats for the kitchen table using this box of scraps! The problem.... I'm debating on doing a colorful collage of fabrics or sticking to similar hues.... decisions, decisions....

And a little green to feed the soul.

There's nothing quite like planting wheat in the dead of winter. This green feels so good in the house. I'm sure my feathered friends will enjoy it... once I decide to give it up ;)!

May you journey on pleasant paths till next time my friends!