Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Denim Crossover

Remember when I told you I had a really cool project you could do with all those left over denim legs?  Well here it goes! This cute and adorable, sturdy bag was made for the summer weather. The best part ~ it was free! All you need are some remnants of jeans you made into shorts, a straight edge, a rotary cutter,  a sewing machine, thread and extra fabric. The straight edge is the key ingredient!  Here we go!

Cut on the right or left side of each seam so that you use the most of your fabric.
I saved my jean remnants vs the girls for the strap because the length was the longest.

Using the straight edge and the rotary cutter, start by creating strips of various widths.
This doesn't have to be perfect as you'll see in the pictures below, you will have to trim excess pieces.
Lay them out in a desired pattern before stitching. Think of quilting patterns.

Stitch them together. I did this with a serger but a regular straight stitch is just as good.
Because.... below you will see I reinforced each section with blue thread on my regular machine so that no 'white' serger thread shows through. (I know pointless, but I like finished edges.)

Trim away the excess and continue to sew until your face designs are complete.

Stitch the face fabric together at the sides and at the bottom so that only the top remains open.

Use this square as your template for the lining fabric.
Cut and do the same. Stitch the sides and bottom leaving the top open.
I created the base of the bag by stitching two inches inward, folding the base sideways.
A little difficult to explain, the picture above shows how it was done.

Place your lining inside the bag and this is what you got so far!

Fold the fabrics inward to each other so that you have a finished area where your strap will be inserted.
I made the strap by connecting the same type denim into one long strip.
I folded one side in an inch and the opposite side about a centimeter.

Fold over and stitch your strap 3 times. Once in the center and then on each side for reinforcement.

Place the strap inside and stitch twice around the whole bag to secure the straps.
And... your done!

Pretty cute! Wouldn't you say?
Now that it's complete, I would've loved a chevron denim pattern!
(Possibly another project...)
Happy trails to the useful items we create!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Lilac Love


A late post. I did this project about a week ago when our lilac trees were in full bloom. It smelled just like Heaven. I made some beautiful & fragrant necklaces for the girls. A little sweet something when they got home from school. They just loved them:)

If you plan on making these and don't need to use them right away, make sure your place the necklaces on flat surface in the fridge. Spray lightly with a midst of cool water
to make sure that they don't wilt.

And.... Did you know that they're edible?
How cute do these buds look on this cupcake?
You can even sprinkle a few flower buds in your salad for some year, of course:)
Happy trails to the beautiful, fragrant, & tasty!


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Fabric Log


One of the best pieces of advice my mother gave me when I started sewing more than household items was to take swatches of my fabrics and make a log. It's quite handy especially when working with patterns.  There are so many different materials available, it's good to know the feel before you decide to do a complete project with it. And most fabric stores will even let you scrap a swatch for free. Save these little pieces and document what percentage is cotton, polyester, etc. You can take it an extra step and document the best needle size when working with that specific fabric. All you have to do is stitch the material right on to paper. Also, print out a mini dictionary for quick reference. You can do this right off the internet without having to buy a book. In a separate section of my fabric log, I keep the receipts of all the fabrics I've ordered and business cards. This is great in case your running low and need to re-order. You just can't go wrong with a fabric log!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners
who make our souls blossom."
~Marcel Proust

The month of May... why are you packed with soo many unplanned to-do's? I'm referring to the plethora of gardening & house work that we've been pre-occupied with. The only time I've spent sewing was to hem a pair of pants and mend a hole on my daughter's favorite stuffed bunny. I miss it. But I did enjoy my birthday which already came and went. It was amazing. I can honestly say it was the first year I didn't mind getting older. I still haven't forgotten about some upcoming promised posts & will do my best to share those 'things' sooner than later. Until then, I show you some beautiful pictures: our flowering quince trees, some delicious fabric, a pretty weed, Lucy hiding in a toy box, and cut denim. There's a ton more things to talk about including more patterns & homemade projects. I just have to find the time to get started!



Shorts have been made from old jeans and I'm saving those scraps.
You should too! I'll be posting a pretty neat market bag made from the left overs.
Happy Trails!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Happy May!

Picnic season is officially here. Can you feel it?
As the days progress, the weather appears more and more promising.
I've been enjoying hearing my little one's yell "race you" as they run down a bright green, grassy hill,
 laughing and giggling, practicing softball for the upcoming games, climbing trees, digging in dirt, 
and making secret paths in the woods. (I can't wait to show you those!) I enjoyed some
me time and having my hair done.  I was not going to spend my fast approaching 32nd
birthday with split ends. (Should I add an 'lol' to the end of that sentence?) And...
I especially loved my daughters adorable comments when I got home. "Mom, you got your hair
de-puffed. It looks great." Yes... de-puffed. It is my new favorite word:) Enough of all that warm weather bliss. Here's the go. I've been overloading on pinterest & great images of picnics.
Wow! There are some amazing ideas out there. It has solely inspired me to get my 
basket together for one of those special days. Inside, I've managed to get all our must haves ready.

Here's the list:
4 plates
2 glasses
2 plastic cups
4 forks
1 knife & matches in a sealed pouch
4 napkins
candles & an old artichoke hearts jar
The jars are the perfect size for a votive.
1 pair of tongs
a mini wine bottle opener
a tablecloth
pillows, pillows, & more pillows


The girls are planning their own basket, fully equipped with figurine fairies.
Did you know they love to have picnics too?
To the picnics we make along our happy trails:)
 P.S. Stay tuned for the "Fabric" book, an awesome thrift store find, & more gardening!
Everything's turning green!