Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Clean House

Am I the only one guilty of putting a few Halloween decorations away before today? Well, as horrible as it sounds, that's exactly what I did. Two reasons. Superstorm Sandy had me huddled in this home feeling like it's been raining forever & I was unusually late bringing our potted plants indoors this year. Finding them knocked over first thing in the morning gave me no choice. It was now or never. After an hour of repotting plants and giving everyone of them a new home next to a window, our home began to look like a greenhouse. Vines, succulents, & even a large mango tree have been relocated indoors. No question, there needed to be some decluttering. So... the window clings, gourds, skeletons, & a few witches made their way out. Ouch..... I know, I felt a little terrible but in hindsight it might have been the half a pot of coffee & a half a dozen pixie sticks that were the culprit;) Even our super funky Amy Butler black & green curtains in the family room were replaced with solid white cotton drapes. I gotta admit, for a woman who loves patterns I surprised myself. Plain white curtains?  But as soon as my eight year old said, "Wow mom, this looks soo serene" ~ I thought... mission accomplished.


Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween! May you stay safe & warm on your trails to trick or treating!
As for me, I guess you can say I'm ready for November:) 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Leafy Project

I got my Country Living magazine for the month of November yesterday. The cover of the issue I received, ( 'cause you know they always have two ), was packed with DIY art with pressed leaves. I loved it! But I didn't feel like pressing. So I decided to do something really pretty, that would give me immediate results with white paint & stamping. Why white paint? Why not? It's my way of trying to find clarity in the mish mash of orange, blacks, & browns that have taken over our house! Plus....with white paint, the art might have a longer wall life. Here's how it went after a nice walk gathering leaves with my little ones.


I grabbed two fabrics. One, a white linen, that I will be making into another project & the second being a wool type grayish, green burlap. (The white on whites will be displayed in those needlepoint loops & I'm kinda debating on adding some white embroidery to the outer edges.) I used acrylic white paint on the under side where the leaf veins are most prominent. Your next step is a one shot deal. Place it directly over the area of choice and don't move it. Take another blank sheet and place that one over your leaf & press thoroughly. If you don't cover your leaf with another sheet, you run the risk of having a really light print. That was a self-taught lesson I've decided to share to save you a possible mistake:)

The white against the linen looks so delicate. I taped these against
the window to show you how distinct the prints can come out, even
with the same color.


Use a hot glue gun to adhere the fabric prints to a piece of thick cardboard, measured to your delight.
I ran a braided ribbon behind a set of three for a unique leafy piece of art in our foyer.

I love the white on white, but the burlap really pops. The best part, I made enough prints for a second set. Perfect for a gift! And what better to do with all the excess white paint and leaves than grab some colored construction paper and have the kids make leafy books. Fun with learning too!
To all those falling leaves!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

October 23rd:)

What's so special about today, you ask? Well....nothing much except.... it's been a year since I started this blog:) I can't believe it either! I re-read my first post....A Proper Introduction, and can't be happy enough that I took a chance & let creativity flow. There's no better day than today for a reflection.

A toast to Autumn,
all its smells, sights, & sounds
and what they inspired a year ago,
May they inspire,
today, tomorrow, & always.



Happy Trails & Happy Birthday to The Mint Needle:)

Friday, October 19, 2012

Time for Breakfast Tea!

Need a little kick in the morning, but your just too tired of coffee? Try some flavored black teas!
I've been on journey trying to eliminate my coffee consumption....We'll say it's a smidgen too high. But, I still need a little caffeine to get my day rolling. I was blown away & had to fill you in on Boston TP's Orange Spice Blend. It smells amazing. Packed with bits of orange & cloves, I felt like it bottled up the season and gave it a flavor. It's eye-opening, refreshing, & super scrumptious. I added dark, natural honey to sweeten the spices.
It's just too good not to share!

To good mornings & good teas!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hello Labels!

To my surprise, look what Mr. Postman delivered!
They were just too pretty & I was all too excited not to share.
Thanks Namemaker!
I absolutely love them:)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Break out the Knits.....

Cold weather has arrived & it's time to enjoy hot teas, fuzzy socks, stews instead of soups, & knits instead of t-shirts. I purchased some new yarn, but I haven't taken the plunge of starting a new project. Beautiful, soft pink bamboo thread is sitting on my sewing table just waiting to be used. I have to get inspired. And there's one thing that always does it. The knit vest.

I remember seeing my grandmother wear these when I was a little girl. And at the time, I didn't think much about them. In the eyes of a child, they were what 'grandma wore', slightly itchy,  & ....too 'grown up'. That was until a couple of years ago. As I learned how to knit basic stitches, it became a different story. Now, I'm completely enamored with the details. I think of the difficulty and hard work it took to create these pieces. Just imagine, hunched over with needles and a ball of wool for hours. And don't think they served no purpose. They are quite practical additions to a women's wardrobe. They are sleeveless so that one could work with their arms free of bulk, made of wool for durability, and it falls right below your hips for warmth & comfort. I share with you some of the most beautiful handwork I've seen in hopes that it may inspire you all as much as it inspires me! Now, not all of the vests pictured are made of wool. The tan, child's vest, brown & burgundy one are made of a blend and I'm not quite sure what kind. Two of the wool vests are adorned with beautiful flowers, knit buttons, & full pockets. I purchased those in Serbia on an art market. Women line the streets with their handcrafted items that range from apparel to fine crocheted tablecloths and embroidery.  I loved it! The housecoat is also 100% wool. This warm & chunky jacket sports a zig-zag design that starts at the breast bone leaving the shoulders in a solid cream. So unique & gorgeous.



Hope you enjoyed this look into our closets. As for me...time to start a new project:) 
To Breaking out the Knits!