Friday, January 29, 2016

The T-Shirt Pillow

What do you do with those adorable clothes your kids have outgrown?
Make them into pillows of course!

The moment I saw the top in the " it just doesn't fit anymore" pile, I knew I had to do something. It was way too cute! And what better than to make an adorable pillow she can never outgrow. (And better yet... it's still washable!)

All you need are a couple of things:
a shirt with a cute design
cutting shears
cutting matte
fusible interfacing
a sewing machine
straight edge
coordinating fabric
a good soft pillow :)

Start by inserting the cutting matte into the t-shirt to cut your desired size.

Next - apply fusible interfacing to the wrong side of your shirt and iron it in place.
This will strengthen the knit fabric and prevent it from overstretching while you sew. 

Grab some coordinating fabrics and start trimming. I kept my strips 3" wide by
various lengths creating a log cabin quilt block.

My shirt square was 9.5" by 11" and my first strips were 3" x 12". I added
a whole inch to my first rows because I worried the shirt would stretch anyway and I'd be using the seam ripper once it fell too short. Luckily, it didn't stretch!

Press your seams to the quilting fabric side and sew another straight stitch on the face side.

If you sew the seam onto the shirt itself, you will get ripples.

Trim off any excess fabric leaving a 1/4 inch like the picture below and add your next strips to the top and bottom.

Continue around your tee until you get your desired look. Just keep in mind the size of the pillow your using.

To make it a removable pillow case, cut 2 pieces of fabric the length of your pillow and 3/4 as wide.
You will want them to generously overlap in the back so that the pillow is completely tucked.

Close your pillow by keeping all face fabrics inward and stitch the top and bottom.

Press your seams and open your pillow to the right side out.
That's it! Now how simple was that? 

The 20 x 20 inch pillow was purchased from Ikea. You just can't beat 5.99 for a down pillow!

I love the way this quick sewing project came out and so do the girls! The possibilities are endless. Thinner strips, bigger pillow, quilting the front... ideas, ideas, ideas....

Happy pillows till next time:)

Sunday, January 24, 2016

January Days

Hello friends! I hope that everyone has had an amazing start to the new year! I know that I haven't done much posting, but my mood has been in somewhat of a 'must hibernate' mode. As I write this morning, the family is still sleeping, the dog is laying in front of the wood stove warming up after our walk, and the sun is hitting my cup of coffee just the right way. Everything has put me in the moment to tell you what's been going on.

For starters, I've made mention of two quilts that I couldn't show before because they were Christmas gifts. Here is one of them!

The second is a duplicate using the same prints, and you can check them out together on my Instagram feed.
These simple strips pieced together beautifully. I love that the colors are so warm and my nieces adore them! Makes for a happy sewista:) This was the first time I purchased sheets from the store to use as backing. I've heard both good and bad reviews from doing this and have to say, I loved it. If you want one solid color for backing, it's so worth it. Just be patient and I would recommend a glue spray for basting. I used pins and yes it did ripple because of the higher thread content.

Next... if you like to sew yourself, I'm sure you've noticed the awwwwmazing fabric sales that have been going on - online. I've built my stash ridiculously and it's almost embarrassing that the UPS driver and I are on a first name basis... But the fabrics and prices were just to good to pass up!

On a different note, I'm one of the gals that had to have that Tula Pink hardware that's been all over Instagram. Pink Door Fabrics made this girl even happier by sending them before the expected date at the end of February!  I still haven't used them.... They're just too pretty! My nine year old daughter swears they look like magical scissors:) I think so too!

As of now.... my Moda Love quilt is coming together. I've always wanted a red and white quilt and this was a must do for the upcoming Valentine's Day! Here's a sneak peak...

And just a little update on sewing machine shopping...

I'm still researching on my best bet, but a Janome looks like it just might win!

Whether you're in rain or snow.... sunshine or sleet....
may you all be smiling with happy feet:)

Happy trails till next time!