Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Hello second week of May.....

May has snuck up again... and as the first week passed, I'm officially 36 years old! I enjoyed a fantastic birthday with friends and family. Usually, around 'that' time of year, I'm oddly depressed. Loathing the week before. This was the first time, I can't remember since when, that I was utterly and completely content. I think I did a ...."Where did I expect to see myself at this age?" And the answer. I've done far more than I ever thought I could. Now that's something to smile about. 

On another note, I'm chipping away at the sewing machine any single chance I get. But I'm not just making aprons and quilts. Lately, I've been working as the family seamstress, fixing dress hems, for my cousin's upcoming wedding. It really sucks to be short.

But when I did get some 'fun' stitch time, these are the things I worked on!

I haven't done cross stitch since God knows when. But when I was going through some Etsy listings, I couldn't help but fall in love with all the new patterns out there. I ordered a Halloween kit that I'm ECSTATIC about starting!!! I figured it wouldn't be a bad idea to re-practice some needlework. Ya know, just to make sure I can keep my project looking clean on the back side as well;) My mom taught me that!

And this little quilt..... Oh where to start? I pictured it coming out so much better. The gold shines so beautifully, but it appears to muddy the fabrics too much. 

Originally planned as a wall piece,
I think it will make a great gigantic floor pillow for my daughters room!

What's in the upcoming plans?

Taking this gorgeous fabric and adding color to it!
Wish me luck. I've never done embroidery....

And the thread....
Thanks to my girls for outgrowing friendship bracelets ~ I now have some thread to add to my collection. 

May every path you travel make your heart full of delight!
Till next time friends!