Thursday, July 31, 2014

Two nice surprises!

Guess who's the lucky recipient of Burdastyle's summer issue - Europe? Me! I was ecstatic when our friends came back from their trip to Greece saying they found something that I'd really like. Filled with complete patterns, I've been busy with this great magazine. Unlike our U.S. version, the magazine had many more 'dress' patterns. Two of my favorites are below!

Obviously, there will be an instruction barrier that I'll have to figure out.
But I have to admit, the drawings are pretty good and since I've pieced together some dresses, this definitely seems do-able! So excited to get started:)

How cute is this mommy & me matching dress?

On another note....

A trip to our barn to find paint stripper for this piece of furniture turned into something else.

For the curious, I'm thinking a turquoise for this baby!

In a cabinet that holds old paint cans and some art supplies from my college days, I found a little red, tin box.
Assuming my husband was using it for his tools and wanting to use it for myself, I opened it up only to find TONS of recipes from the 50's! How great is that? Turns out, our adorable neighbor & her hubby gave this to us, months ago, leaving the "home maker" in our open cabinet when it used to be in the garage. 
A slip of conversation & it was never brought up... until now.

The 'even better' moment was coming across the handwritten recipes in between the cards that had edges so crinkled, you know that they were 'tried and true'. 

Take a look at some of these retro coupon/recipe cards!

Pretty funny, wouldn't you say?

I admit, being ecstatic with this find, I immediately gave a recipe a try. Swing by Clementine & Clove to give a 'date torte' a try! So many things to do, so little time. And the cabinet.... of course it's still a work in progress!

Happy Trails to great surprises!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A New Room

Hello friends! I'm so excited about today's post! You're all wondering where I've been? Well, once you see the photos, you'll know I've been pre-occupied! Far from the norm, I usually don't post pictures of our home, however, the sewing room has received a major transformation and I couldn't be more than thrilled with the results. Take a look!

My previous room, (not pictured for many reasons), was crammed & over cluttered with fabrics, boxes, & miscellaneous items. I suspect it was so over cluttered that it was one of the main reasons I just didn't have the desire to stitch up too many new projects for the shop. You'd walk in and immediately lose your train of thought due to the bright colors that were in your face, coming from every direction. Cream carpeting was soft on your feet, but didn't serve me well when I needed a large 'flat' surface to cut on.

Use a tiered fruit basket for thread storage.
Keeps it visible & cute!
I used a vintage, green espresso cup to store
business cards.  Another great idea if you
have a mismatched set.

The new room is a soft shade of sea green where organizing work space was my first priority. The carpeting was replaced with hickory wood flooring, which is packed with grain design. Ya, for someone with an art degree it is pretty odd there is no artwork on the walls ~ but this was completely intentional. There is enough to stimulate the mind through trinkets, beautiful fabrics and project layouts. I didn't want the eye to travel elsewhere.

Hooray! My dress form has it's own spot now!

The most interesting thing was getting rid of 15lbs of fabric I had no use for. One of my guilty things - keeping old curtains, linens, and polyester fabrics just in case I went the upcycling route. In reality.... I was never going to use them. Ahh.... the weight has been lifted! A country girl at heart, I have a ton of baskets to help with storing fabric scraps, threads, patterns, paints, & cards. You get the picture!

One thing is for sure ~ I thank Pinterest and all those fellow bloggers for the inspiration! Hopefully this room will inspire some as well!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Every morning, I grab a cup of tea and head outside to our front yard garden and look at the plants while Charlie, (our really big pup), sniffs about. And lately, I have noticed we have quite a few hummingbirds in the area.  I know that this post is neither about gardening, crafting, or stitching, but I couldn't help but share these amazing little images with all of you! These pics were taken over the course of two days and the best part was catching them on film for the girls. Because... you never know when you might see a fairy riding on the back!

This was the oddest shot by far. Weighing less than a penny, they
look like they fly sideways.

In that area of hosta's, I also planted phlox, echinacea, & hollyhock
shown at the top of this post. I think they really love the flowers! 

My favorite picture!

Happy trails till next time friends!
Here's to hoping summer does not fly as fast these birds!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Elderberry Simple Syrup

I'm telling you... finding elderberry bushes in the woods was so exciting for me. Why? Well, maybe it's because we love & live taking Sambucol which is an elderberry supplement. Yup, I've been giving this yummy addition to the family for as long as I could remember. (We do take breaks however, so that the our bodies do not develop a tolerance to the vitamins.) So... adding something like this homemade simple syrup, once in awhile, to our teas or warm milk in place of honey is something pretty special. Not to mention - it serves great for mixed cocktails as well... wink, wink. 

This is an old little something ~ my mother said ~ they used to do in Serbia.  Collect the elderberry flower heads and place them in a pot. (I did not rinse my flower heads either.) Fill the pot with bottled water, just enough to submerge the flowers. Cover with a lid and let it sit for 24 hours. The next day, you should a slight tinge of yellow water. Take it to the stove and bring your flowers and water to a rapid boil. Once boiling, take it away from the heat and strain the flowers out. You may have to do this part a second time with an unbleached coffee filter so that all those tiny particles are completely gone. Next add that sugah! 

Simple Syrup Recipe
~ 1 part sugar to 1 part water~

When all the sugar has melted and the bubbling appears a little 'thick', remove it from the heat and bottle the syrup immediately. You can re-use old bottles, but only if they have been used for drinks. Remember - no canned food jars! Also, remember not to close the bottle until it cools down a bit. Once you put the cap on, it should go straight in the fridge!

The syrup is a pretty yellow & tastes divine as an addition to homemade lemonade with mint! If you're feeling a little creative in the kitchen, I would definitely give this a try! For more information regarding the history and use of elderberries, check out Sacred Earth.
Hope you enjoy!