Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Flowers in the Garden

Every year I do a little post, in pictures, about our flowers. Like a kid, I'll run outside with my camera when a new plant blooms or the light hits something in a such a way, I never want to forget it. So far, these are some images that have shined worthy of making garden memories.

These are the infamous buzzards that I caught an image of flying one night. Every dusk, like an alarm, you can see them by the dozens flying back to their nests. It's an amazing sight.

I'm pretty sure this is a variety of mint. If i'm wrong, please correct me! Here's a great example of a plant going wild. Originally, this lovely green was planted in the front border. Little did I know that it would spread like wild fire. Before I knew it, I was pulling the plants out literally launching them into the grass like weeds. Would you believe that some of those pulls rooted along our driveway. Years later, a hill now carries a very sweet aroma:)

I love the way these colors contrast and the fact that such detail carried in this picture. I never noticed that tiny spider web on the petals until I uploaded the images.

This is one of the many plants I received from my girls on Mother's Day:)  Every year, their school does a PTO plant sale for all the moms. The kids get the joy of choosing 3 annuals each. I try to plant them in container gardens only because of all the country bugs we have. You can see to the right something is already enjoying the leaves.

Sweet William. Oh, how I love love love this scent! I started these plants last year from seeds my grandmother gave me. They are biennial so this is the first year I've gotten to see the colors! And... of course I made sure to start some more this year for 2016:)

One of the most important things I've always wanted was for my family to be able to pick fruits and veggies from the yard. This year, our 5ft circular strawberry patch was a success. Hooray!

One of the most striking flowers I've ever seen. If it wasn't for my dear late neighbor, I wouldn't have been so lucky as to having this in our yard.

As I look at this picture a ton of things go through my mind. The tiny apple tree my husband planted years ago when the girls were so much smaller. It finally bears more than 10 apples!! A thorny red bush my mother and mother in-law told me not to plant there because, "one day that thing will get huge." And it is..... but it is far too pretty to cut. I see a mulberry tree my grandfather planted, remembering him walking through 3 acres to find the perfect spot. I notice multiple peach trees my father promises will eventually get bigger, even though they don't.  I smile and think.... this garden holds alot more that flowers & plants.....

Love this gorgeous color and the pooch in the background!

Not many people know this ~ but this rose is actually from my wedding bouquet. Oh the good old days when wedding bouquets were made of wet foam... My mom noticed that some of the roses were not drying out so she stuck the stems in the ground and snipped the tops.  One plant grew and we've had it ever since!

This picture will always remind me to buy more begonias next year. That is all:)

Happy trails to flowers in the garden..... 

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A little late....

Don't you just love it when scraps from projects lead to "other" projects? 
Well, that's exactly what happened here.  

A few weeks ago I posted this little number on my Instagram. And.... I've finally decided to blog about it!

I had a bunch of ten inch squares leftover from a flying geese quilt I started to make. (Yes... more triangles....)  Looking at the small pile, a dozen ideas went through my mind. Then.... I realized, this is the perfect time to 'wing it'.  Having no idea of what image I would end up with, I stitched random prints together, face to face, on all four sides. Then, using a rotary cutter and ruler, I to cut an "X" across the closed square. Once opened, four beautiful, half triangle blocks were ready to get played with! I loved doing this because it super easy and you get quick results!!

Placement is the best part of any project. And, it's the one my girls love the most. They said it's like putting a puzzle together:) There are sooo many possibilites. The best part ~ how quick they are to dislike a configuration and how tough it is to choose between the ones they like:)

In the end, I really thought the repeating yellow fabric across the center looked the best.

And Ooooh how I love sharp points!!

The finished size isn't quite big ~  only 40 by 40 inches. It's completely deceiving in this picture, but it does make me realize how beautiful this would look on a grand scale.

Till next time friends:)

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Happy July!

Hello friends! Has it really been this long since my last post? Time is flying! There's so much to show you! Today's post is a cross between check out this project & sharing these just because.
Super fun & colorful, these pillows are perfect for any space!

All you need are twelve 2.5" strips. Separate them in two piles, sewing 6 strips together. If you're using the same fabric twice, keep them all in the same pile just staggering them. If you re-use the same fabric in the other pile, you risk having the same prints next to each other. 

Once your rows are sewn, cut 3 inch strips. I didn't take a snapshot of my peach and purple pile but you can see below how I positioned and flipped the strips once they were cut and placed together.

I finished them up by adding white fabric to the sides and trimmed away any excess to create a 16 x 16 inch pillow. For the backside I used the fold over method with a contrasting fun owl print.
Could you believe that's it? So fun and simple to make!

On another note....

 Here are the two random blocks that never quite made it to the pillow phase... yet.  The first one, with 9 flying geese, is pretty big & I'll have to stuff it myself. I still have a bit of Recollection fabrics leftover so I think you'll be seeing more projects with these colors:)

The second, is my very first attempt at creating a flying geese pinwheel block. I taped it to the window in front of my sewing machine... well, just because. It's so pretty and I'm so proud of my points:) However, that center seam is alot more tough than I had expected. I had noooo idea it would be so thick. And, I'm to nervous to trim away the extra fabric..... Oh, the things I have yet to learn!

Till next time friends! Happy Trails to the pillows our heads rest on!