Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Hoping everyone has a fun, safe, & super sweet Halloween!
Here's to welcoming November:)

Monday, October 20, 2014

Infinity Scarf

Hello friends! Remember my last little post where I said "french seams = infinity scarves"?
Well, ta-da! Here you have it! The fool-proof way to create your own one of kind scarves that have a flawless finish. Let's start by asking....

What is a french seam?
A french seam is a seam with raw edges enclosed so that nothing that can fray is visible or loose. 

Once you try it, everything you make will have a french seam. I promise.

For this project, you will need a piece of fabric, something light weight of a cotton blend.
Cut it 20 inches wide by 54 inches long. (If you prefer a really loose scarf, length should be increased to 60 inches or longer.)

Start by finishing the "length" sides with a simple a tight stitch.
Fold in a tiny portion of fabric and sew. 

Fold it over again and stitch another straight line right on top of the one you just did. 
(This keeps the fray edge inside.)

Next, you will start your french seam.
Fold the scarf in half, wrong sides inward, so that the 20 inch sides meet. 
(The side that you will wear should be facing you.)
I know it sounds wrong, but it's not. 
Stitch the 20 inch sides together. I ended up serging my edge so that you can see.

Flip the scarf inside out so that now your seeing the wrong side and press.

 Stitch another row enclosing that raw edge so that it is no longer visible on the face side.
(This is what makes it soft when you wear it.)

This picture shows the "inner" part of the scarf.
Press the crease to one side and stitch again like below.

This is the part that makes the crease flat.

Now you can see that no matter how the scarf flips, the seam will always be enclosed with a crisp finish.

And of course I didn't make just one! 

Here's to keeping our necks warm in the wind:)
Till next time!

Monday, October 13, 2014

A Knit Cowl

Hey busy moms! I bet you you look at those crafty websites and think, "ya, only if I had time." Right? Well I promise you, this is one of the quickest knitting projects out there! 

All I did was make a row of 40 stitches and continued, keeping the knit side with the knit, & the purl side with the purl. 

Once I had my desired length, I folded it in half to make my "width". By using a crochet hook, I was able to gather the ends and make a cowl. How simple was that? This is a pretty fool proof method if you don't have the circular knitting needles available!

I added two pearled buttons with a needle and sewing thread.

I love the way this looks so much that I opted to start a little late night project of my own.
This gorgeous grayish blue was just too pretty to pass up.
(Except with this one, I'm going to do a little striped design by randomly doing knit & purl stitches together.)

On another note....
French seams = flawless infinity scarves (hopefully an upcoming post)
patterns galore thanks to Joann's awesome $0.99 sale!
(Looks like the girls are getting some more of mommy's creations.)

Till next time:)

Monday, October 6, 2014

Apples & Quince

Growing up, Autumn was always known for one thing ~ food preserving. Though it means so much more to me now, I can't shake the memories of canned veggies & pickled salads lining our pantry & fridge in every which direction. So tasty each time, I've decided to leave the canning to my mom & go a different preserving route. Dehydrating! (Some of you may remember this post from last year.)

I thought it would be a great idea to add our quince fruit into the apple mix!
But...I'm not planning on eating it dried right away. Instead...we'll be steeping it for some delicious,
Vitamin C packed tea.

Quince is wonderful for so many reasons. Mainly used for digestive disorders like stomach pain & diarrhea, did you know that the tea can also treat a cough? It carries huge anti-viral properties and it's loaded with fiber. Quince juice is even good for those suffering from anemia and asthma. 

Using any dried fruits for tea reminds me of those fancy tea stores. Umm.. hello, you could make your own with a dehydrator!! Next, I shall be taking a try at some new concoctions. How about mixing some dried berries and edible rose petals in as well!
Could you imagine all the endless & tasty possibilities?
Pin that fellow Pinterest lovers ~ Share your amazing tea recipes!

<I do want to add... that a little goes a long way. Even though the tea was clear ~ you could definitely taste the fruity flavor. And the best part...eating the softened fruit after the drink!>

Here's to good teas in the cooler climates!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

An Orange Wrap Dress

A pretty little number for a pretty girl!

As some of you might remember, I started this project way back in June. Yes, yes, procrastination is terrible thing. I can only blame other projects (like home renovating) for this one. And I'm not so sure that's a bad thing.  But I need to say that this pattern was so simple to follow, I plan on making another one ~ possibly in a double knit or challis fabric. 

(These are just some of the images from the first post in June.)

Ta-da! The finished product! My gorgeous niece is modeling the perfect fit, which makes everyone happy, especially me! (Considering the pattern did not come with multiple size choices.) 
Another thing I love is that we opted
 for the side tie instead of the front, (which is what the pattern cover shows).
If I end up doing this in a challis, I might push for the front tie.
But, this time, I didn't want it to feel robe like.
Ya know?


At the end of all my projects, I write a 'what I'd do different next time' list.
Gotta say, for this one, nothing!
It came out so adorable that I want one in my size.
(Oh...pattern adjusting... I hope I get it right..)
The dress is the perfect combination of comfy & cute!

On another note....

Happy October!
This gorgeous season of changing leaves & perfect weather is oh-so inspiring!
I feel another roll of multiple projects starting up as I'm finding it pretty difficult to shake this quilting thing. (As I've said before, thanks alot Pinterest!) But in the meantime, I'm nearing completion of a little knitting project I did for my girls. A soft pastel infinity scarf with a simple knit stitch.
Can't wait to share that & much more!

Happy trails till next time:)