Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Autumn is here!

The fields are changing color and soon the trees will too.

Happy first day of Fall everyone!! I absolutely love this time of year:) I find it the most inspiring. Ideas swarm consistently and as I've said in the past, it's handy to keep a pen and notebook on hand wherever you go! 

The garden beds are cleaned up and only a few pepper plants are left. I know it kinda sounds odd, but I like it. Even though the garden was okay this year... there's something about wiping the slate clean and planning for next year that's exciting. 

With the crafting and sewing... well that's taking on some new projects. There's a couple things I want to refinish ~(furniture wise) ~ before it gets too cold.

And check out these awesome candle sticks I made with the help of my hubby! Pinterest did it again...

They were made from old oak banisters we had laying around. We cut them to various sizes and drilled a hole at the top with a 1 1/2 inch spade bit. Sanded and white washed, it was complete!

Sewing wise?

Check out the projects below. You may recognize them from my Instagram.

An imperfect pillow.... but the shades are great together!

And... these neighborly houses make the perfect backdrop for my daughter's American girl doll area:)

There's a ton more things I've started but can't snap pictures of. Ya know, Christmas is coming and I can't give away too many ideas;) 

Lastly, what better way to end the first day of Autumn than with my very first quilted piece for sale in the Etsy shop! Now, people, this is exciting! I can just picture this wall hanging perfectly in a little baby boy's nursery! It measures roughly 28 by 28 and.... I used my own pattern for this piece! Navy blue, oranges, and yellows never looked so good:)

Happy trails to colorful leaves, cool nights, bonfires, caramel apples, pumpkins, and the sweet smell of Autumn!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Country Living Fair 2015

The Country Living Fair was here! And if you were lucky, you got to enjoy treasure hunting at its finest, walking among beautiful, unique, vintage, and handmade items!
Check out some pics!

Could a fairy house be any cuter?

Great items for organizing!

There's so much to see!

I have to admit... this is one place I didn't mind seeing Christmas items!

I absolutely could've walked away with 4 of these giant blending bowls.
They were enormous!


Vintage toy shop

The Ohio Village Tea Demo

Could you tell that it was an absolutely gorgeous day? I really can't say there was a specific area I loved the best. It was all so wonderful! Everything was spread out perfectly that as you wandered, you came across a treasure at every corner. The artisans, who hand crafted items right on the spot, were so inspiring. I loved that every vendor wanted to explain the ingredients behind their products, (specifically soap & lotion makers). And, the historical village had prop people playing the various roles of the time period. It was so neat!

So what did I walk away with??? A few prized vintage tablecloths and doilies. Not many people know this, but I'm a complete sucker for them. There's just something about finding fabric prints and textiles that are truly one of a kind. As I like to say... they were the artisans of yesterday. 

We also received some knowledge from the two seminars we sat in on. "Raising Chickens Naturally" with Lisa Steele of Fresh Eggs Daily gave the audience so much information about various herbs and natural cleaners that promote good health. "Making Fresh Goat Cheese" with Jeff Wince and Chad Snelling of Tilton Hollow Farm & Soap Co. was fun & amazing to watch. Literally, different cheeses were created right before our eyes! Obviously, I am preparing my hubby for some new pets;)

One more thing.... the food.... oh geez.... I guess we started our Thanksgiving weight gain early. All those yummy food trucks! Just too delicious to pass up!

Happy Trails till next time!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Scrappy One

I'm so excited about today's post! For the first time in forever... I get to write about a project I started and finished all in one week! Yahoo!! After all, it is the National Sewing Month.

Even though I have multiple projects started.... I couldn't help but feel overly distracted by the colossal pile of 6 inch strips sitting on the cutting mat. (They have been there for too long.... literally months.) I decided to finally take the plunge and get it done! Little did I know, how quickly this project would get completed.

The 6 inch strips varied in widths. I stitched the strips together, trimming any excess to create a 6 inch block. I placed my blocks in alternating directions, sewing rows first. That's it! I used a very light fabric with a pastel dandelion motif as the backing. It goes perfectly with the multiple colors on the front. I'm still nervous when it comes to the actual quilting part so I did the typical straight lines on my Singer at home. When in doubt... straight lines are all about! Starting in the middle, I worked outwards to both ends, making sure my fabric continued to be taut since I've never used the spray adhesive. (There's so many things I want to try.... free hand quilting and spray adhesives... a must do!)

P.S. If you read my last post, you can obviously see my Tuesday vacation started off a success! Thanks for stopping by and happy trails to more stitching!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Oh September, September...

September has arrived and as my girls say, "only 21 more days till fall is here!" Like everyone else, we're so excited.  And even though it was 82 degrees outside, the girls insisted we crank up the a/c and make hot chocolate:) It was a great idea!

I've missed this blog and sewing so much. I must've miscalculated time constraints because even though the girls are back at school, I haven't had much time to sit and catch up on sewing. But, that doesn't mean ideas aren't brewing. I've headed back to some Recollection fabrics in hopes of using up those gorgeous scraps. So far, it's looking good. The whole sewing room is packed with mini-piles of potential projects. (None of which include Christmas gifts, or fix-its for the family.) And I suppose it's okay since I vowed to everyone that starting next week, specifically on Tuesday, I will be leaving for vacation. They can reach me upstairs where I will be sewing and giving my creative side all the attention. Should they 'need' me, they are to resort to all other measures before knocking:) Geez, I hope my hubby knows that he is 'all other measures before knocking....'

On another note... I couldn't help but post a picture (below) of the awesome cotton, fabric I got a discount store. Could you believe I only paid $3.99 a bolt!?!?! There were more than 9 yards on this bolt, only downside ~ they were pre-cut pieces. Still... how fabulous is that??

Happy Trails till next time! Hopefully I'll get to post some more completed projects next time we meet:)