Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Coming Up Chives

Prior to the blast of arctic weather, we enjoyed a few warmer, winter days and sunny weather... Yes, here in Ohio. You couldn't help but notice beautiful patches of dark, green chives growing taller, effortlessly, in cool weather. I loved the smell and knew I had to bring them indoors before they were covered by the next snowfall. And from the gardening catalogs that have slowly been making their way to the mailbox, I got an itch to play in dirt and plant . An old canister with a broken lid finally had a use. It became the perfect pot!

I rinsed the leaves for a couple minutes under cool water to remove any unwanted dirt.
After planting, I gave the chives a light mist of 1 part vinegar to three parts water as a light cleaner that wouldn't harm the chives.

These are the smallest species of edible onions & are great to use as an extra seasoning in soups and salads. (Not just your baked potato.) Remember to cut the chives when they're at least 7 inches long. Leave 2 inches at the bottom to make sure new growth will occur. Packed with vitamins A and C, they also have a history of helping reduce high blood pressure and kidney disease. They have been known for their antibiotic properties for centuries. Could you believe they even repel insects?
Hip, hip hooray for chives!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Flowers in Winter

The other day, I took a much needed and anticipated trip to our local Joann's. Ya know, to spend those wonderful gift cards I received for Christmas.... and boy oh boy, could you say the store was screaming Spring! I basked in vibrant colors of reds & pinks all while keeping my eyes focused on those adorable, pastel, Easter eggs that have already arrived! Anyway, I got some Spring fever, due to the tease of climate we experienced here in Ohio and between the snow melting, bright colors, I found myself purchasing a twig wreathe to decorate with flowers for our front door. Yet truth be told, we still have months of snow ahead of us.

I'm also indulging diligently in the stack of projects I have going on. I had to post these pics of my little one modeling an apron ~you could find at the Etsy shop. They were too cute not to share! And for those interested, I will be adding more full aprons for kids as time moves forward. The apron is made with bright colors and a vintage cotton waist tie. I came across the beautiful turquoise and pink fabric and knew I could easily put it to use.


 From the looks of things at home, it is coming up flowers in winter:)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fabric & a Simple Bag

Here's a look at some beautiful fabrics that I will be having the pleasure of working with soon enough. I also added a little, quick project. ~ My nephew, who's also in Kindergarten needed a new bag for school. The teachers prefer these open bags & simple styles for the mere easiness it offers the little ones. Their able to shove the folders right in without worrying about zippers and such. Instead of my sister running out to the store, I had this super cute, & Spring-y striped fabric I knew would be perfect. And, it's super easy to make if your going green and boycotting shopping bags.

Making the straps are a pinch. I just always make sure to apply three rows
of stitching for reinforcement.
The interior part of the bag, which shows excess fabric, was made longer.
 In the picture below, you can
see I folded the remainder upward to hide the straps & again, reinforce for sturdiness.

Quick & cute!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Our garden. Are those some plants that were never pulled out? Oops.
The plans for this year are already in the works.
A little home in the snow.
Red boots perform even in the colder climates!
It's cold outside.
Wondering if the warm-up the weatherman predicts will come!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What we've been up to....

We are only in the second week of January and I could already feel the clouds of "to-do" thickening as I type these words. "Goals to be achieved in 2013" or let's say house projects:) And instead of frustrating myself with time constraints, I thought I'd add a little post on what's been going on.
My little one turned six! Hooray! In her words, "We've moved onto counting on the next hand." And I know every mother says it, but I really can't believe how fast time flies.
We celebrated our Orthodox Christmas with family & good food. I love when the dining room is all done up with pretty plates and table linens. Unlike last years post, I didn't share a picture of the holy bread I decorated. I definitely will have to post that sometime soon. It was beautiful!
Our "little" Charlie turned 1 yesterday, which made celebrating Christmas that much sweeter:)
We've battled two ear infections, an injured paw, and inches of snow all while festivities were in full effect. Could you say, better timing? 
 We look forward to a birthday bash honoring my hubby turning the big 4-0......
we are officially back to school. It's too quiet in the house:)
Happy Trails till next time:)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year


Hello January! I can't believe how fast time has been flying. Wouldn't you agree? It feels just like yesterday I was making a fuss about the kiddos going back to school and here we are almost done with Christmas break! As much as I wish I could hold time still..... I have to admit, it is exciting to move forward. From birthdays to more holidays, it is truly a time to get lost in and love. And as far as this post is concerned....I am debating. Do I really want to bore you with my ridiculous New Year's resolutions or would you rather hear about some exciting new projects from The Mint Needle? That's what I thought. New projects it is! Drum roll....The Mint Needle will be joining more old in with the new! Not only will I be using vintage fabrics, I will also be adding some retro hankies, doilies, and needlepoint into the fun. Upcycled if you will! I've been working on a few items featuring this combo and the outcome always seems to amaze me. The pieces will be incorporated into a few aprons and skirts to create one of a kind items. I like to think I am giving new life to the handwork of past time. It is about giving creations that have been washed and worn a second chance. It may be an apron with a yellow embroidered daisy that reminds you of your grandma's house or a bright, red, crocheted flower that makes you think of a special day. One thing is for sure, my attempt is to breathe life back into what once was, the old.....and I hope you all enjoy it!

And for the silly New Year's resolutions:)
1. I have to wear a dress at least once a week.... (I have so many beautiful dresses, I should wear them while they fit, right?)
2. I must run a marathon! This is going to be tough, but God love my pooch, I can thank him for my
    physical fitness. Charlie has me running farther and faster than I ever thought I could.
This shall be the true test.
3. And just for fun, convince my husband we do need chickens and a beehive:)


To new beginnings and new plans!
Happy Trails & Happy New Year:)