Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Mesa Quilt

Begonia love. That red goes perfect with the new Mesa quilt top!

I think I have a really big problem. It involves fabric hoarding, some cutting tools, & pinterest. Seriously.
I finally finished piecing together my quilt top from the lovely Cotton + Steel Collection Mesa by Alexia Abegg. Oh, how I love it!

There's just something about the moment you take your project outside and watch the wind carry it a bit. It's like your watching your work come to life. The colors are so vibrant, so potent, that these pictures just don't do justice.
Each flying geese is 4 x 8 inches, making the quilt a total size (so far) of 65 by 69 inches.
"So far" because I'm still debating on leaving it like so or adding a mini geese border with the fabric leftovers. Could you believe all I used was one fat quarter bundle? 

So what am I working on next? Oh, ya know, nothing like starting multiple projects at once.
I've already got blocks cut up for some more flying geese, but this time it's all pastels. (Seriously, I don't know what's up with me and triangles.) Some 'feathers' are also being given a try along with a pretty gorgeous quilt block involving mountains. Only if there was more time in the day....

~On another note~
There's a ton more things I've stitched together. I got two more strip quilts that I have to take some snapshots of. I know 2!!! But they're super fun and quick to sew up especially if all you want to do is sit & stitch without thinking. Ha! I also started up a couple more pillow covers but they never quite made it all the way. I'll have to share those items and more next time!

Happy Trails!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Umm... you paid what?!?!

Hello everyone!!! So at the beginning of the year, I did a little post on where I find the best fabric deals. Some involved Etsy shops and others, established online sites that gets thousands of hits a day. Today, I wanted to upcycle that post into my current shopping sites. Why, you ask? For starters, one of those awesome Etsy stores closed their doors to pursue a dream in making essential oils and spa items... Ugh!  And second, I buy ALOT of fabric and sometimes, it's just nice to share where you get it at the best price. Having said that, this is how I've been able to develop a great stash over a short period of time.

 ~ The New List! ~

pink castle fabrics ~ Such a  pretty site that has awwwesome monthly clubs!  Be prepared for a really organized shopping trip with a bit of retro flare. I love cotton & steal fabrics and this is a great place to check out that line! And that's not all. Shop for the coolest selection of apparel fabrics. Soooo many choices!

hawthorne threads ~ A hubby & wife duo takes hold as the motherload of fabric sites, (in my book). No joke, it's a daily visit. Looking for weekly giveaways? Get it here! This site is beyond organized from thread to patterns. And.... they even listed the various collections with recommended coordinates! Talk about making sewing projects easy peasy. Hawthorne Threads, along with their own line of beautiful fabrics, literally carries the biggest variety of new collections. Did I say that right? Ahem... if you're looking for it, they got it. And it's beyond wonderful that you can order items before they even come out. P.S. The newsletter is so inspirational. If you love sewing, you have to subscribe. It's definitely not junk mail.

winter creek cloth ~ Oh how I love thee.... These ladies are great for so many reasons. The pricing is WOW and I love that they list how much fabric is left of each bolt before you order. Ya know, so you can take it all if you want;) You also get awesome freebies from the points you earn... Hence, more items for those projects! Great communication and shipping is quick too!! (The pics in this post are all Art Gallery Fabrics I ordered from the shop from their fabshop hop sale. It's still going on so make sure to check it out!!) P.S. Sign up for their news letter! It's fabulous!

southern fabric ~  I missed this one in my last post. I came across this a few years ago on Ebay having no idea they had their own site. It's gorgeous! You can find all your project needs in one stop! The list of patterns is HUGE & they always have a sale going on!! Check this site to compare pricing before you place an order somewhere else!

fabricworm ~ I love this site for all their inspiring designer and blogger fat quarter sets. If you're looking for inspiration, you'll find it here! Even though I feel it's generally aimed at children's fabrics, it's a great site to shop for that quirky project you want to make as one of a kind! The Japanese import fabrics are to die for!!

fabric.com ~ This site is the lowest price I've ever seen Kona Cotton go for.... (Unless you're at Joann's and you got that great 40% off coupon!) They have a great selection of quilting fabric for less than $7 a yard and they also have a rewards program. Yay! And for returning customers..... don't forget to check your points before placing an order. A discount may be waiting for you!

So here's a few new things I've been thinking about regarding fabric hoarding:

1. Coral is the new pink. Enough said.
2. Half yards are the new 'yards'. Let me elaborate. Earlier, I used to order a yard of fabric, to build my stash, (because the prices were that good). But... do you know how much you can make with a half yard? A ton of stuff! Same with fat quarters. I never shopped like that until I ordered my first bundle for a project and had a ton of scraps leftover. It's a great way to build a stash.
3. Store your fabrics in your own collections. Not by manufacturer or designer. Create bundles for future projects!
4.  And don't forget sewing patterns. Stick them with those custom bundles to keep ideas brewing.
5. Check out Instagram. Doestreetfabrics is a great source for stash building! (#fabricforsale) Just make sure you have a paypal account set up. 
6. Open a few 'windows' to compare prices before you order online. No joke, two shops ~ same fabric, same designer, same day, one site had it for 6.98 on sale the other 9.95.
7. Ebay... I didn't put it in the list, but recycling vintage fabrics is great! Talk about a one of a kind creation. Bolts, I tell you bolts for phenomenal prices.
8.. Don't forget coupon codes!! 

Okay... I think I'm done now:)
Happy Trails to updated fabric shopping!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Some much needed sew time!

Ooh how I've missed my sewing machines!! We've been so busy outside that yesterday, I made it a point to take some me time & 'disappear' upstairs to the sewing room. And guess what, I was able to finish a couple of aprons, one of which is pictured below. And, I even made a pillow case with some scraps I had lying around. Talk about some much needed sewing time!

The sweetest thing was hearing my younger daughter say, "Mama, why would anyone want to wear your aprons?" In shock, I replied, "What do you mean?" (Please elaborate....)
"Ya know, they're just too pretty. Who would want to get mustard all over those polka dots and flowers?"

As for the pillow case.....
Well, between leftovers from Pat Bravo's Blog Tour plus birchen quilt scraps, I came up with this little piece. Not exactly perfect ~ but I love it!
I have a couple more ideas brewing, of course they involve more triangles. 

I'm telling you, I knew this quilting thing wasn't a fad!
I've become utterly obsessed with patching different fabrics together!

When I make random pillow covers, I love to use this type of backing. I just make sure that the fabrics overlap about 2 inches for nice closure.

Happy Trails to things we create for our home with scraps:)