Sunday, October 25, 2015

Oh I can't believe I've done only 1 post for the most inspiring month of the year!?!? I have to admit, it's all delightful... ya know the things that have been taking up the most time. And tonight... well.... you guessed it, I wanted to play catch up and share what's been going on...

A photo of these aprons just because the light hit them perfectly that sewing afternoon:)

For starters, Halloween festivities are all a go with my little girls that are getting big so very quickly. A witch and her cat as I like to call it.....

On a different note... I'm struggling slightly with how much I want to sew as far as Christmas gifts and what I'm realizing I'm capable of... but only time and what is left of it at the end of the day will tell. And... somewhere between putting more items up in the Etsy shop, (like the ones below), and these 'gifts' i'm working on.... I find myself thinking..."Craft Fair"....Seriously....

I love the colors of the aprons and the unisex baby blanket I made! And the blanket... how it washes so perfectly! I couldn't be happier with the outcome!

Here's to cooler October days and nights & hopefully more time for projects!
Happy trails!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Inspiring October

Hello readers! I'm so glad you stopped by! I feel as though there's so much to talk about & so much to show you! First off, our family took a little trip back to Glenwood Springs, Colorado. It was a blast. We got to do things that we didn't last time, when it snowed. The funny thing... the girls, at first, were so upset it wasn't snowing there already! Seriously?!?! It ended up being warmer in Glenwood than back home in Ohio. (Not surprising...)

This time, we got to enjoy a 15 mile bike ride that coasts along I-70. It was beautiful! Then, we took a hike up to Hanging Lake. (Words cannot explain the oasis that exists on top of that mountain.) The question for the kids... how did the fish get there? :) After, we enjoyed a day of lounging at the hot springs... literally all... day... long... And, to get in the spirit of spooky Halloween , we hiked up another mountain to visit Doc Holiday's grave along with all the early settlers. That was neat! At the end of trip, we decided since we were so close and the weather was perfect, why not head to Aspen? So we enjoyed an afternoon in the town with some shopping and tasty Aspen ice cream! Oh ya, one more thing ~ The Continental Divide. Nothing like feeling on top of the world... well at least the United States!

 Little getaways like this are so inspiring! I haven't even told you about any of the boutiques or shops! One place that you must visit if you're in Glenwood is the Elizabeth Dean Boutique. This is just a sneak peak inside. There's quite a few bloggers that have also raved about this fabulous shop:)

One of the things that I'm most fond of about this trip is not only the family time, but the fact that I got to play around with my camera and take some really beautiful pictures. They came out so great that I think some will be used as duplicates in the Etsy shop! 

Happy trails to all things inspiring and memorable family trips:)