Friday, September 7, 2012

The Fall of Gardening

It's officially 1 week into September & I'm already getting the gardening jitters. Ya know....when you realize you only have 'yay' amount of time to switch, move, & transplant those items before the cold winter sets in. I'm referring to that spot in our yards where a particular plant was sworn to thrive & never really quite did. You ask, what do I do? Well to say I wait till Spring would be a lie. For all those do it yourselfers, this is about the time my 'fall of gardening' kicks in. I start whipping out our perennials & dividing them. I plot out next years to do list & try to knock off as many things as I can. this odd Ohio heat....I should probably wait till the temperature drops. Anything below 70 is ideal for transplanting. Here's a few things we should do before moving those plants to their new winter homes:
1. Dig out the new plant site first.~ Make sure to include depth & width.
2. Always have loose soil available to add around the plant immediately after planting.
I always keep an extra bag handy.
3. Don't over water! Fall brings lots of rain.
4. After your transplant is complete - don't prune off any dead branches!
(Save that part for Spring. The dead branches act as insulation from further death,
especially with roses.)
5. And again, temperature. Transplant & divide on the cooler fall days.
The main reason I love fall planting is because your literally giving your plants an ideal time to grow & get situated. Don't forget perennials don't die. They come back year after year, so why not give them a new home, fresh soil & a new spot to flourish if their old one wasn't so great.
And most importantly.....Don't forget to plant Spring bulbs now:)
Remember this for next year: Plant morning glory's at the base of a tree.
During the summer, you'll enjoy flowers throughout the leaves.
To garden planting for the upcoming year!
Happy Trails:)

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