Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Fall Table Runner

Oh...thank you silly, overpriced stores for displaying that beautiful, rustic table runner on your 'fall tablescape.' It made me realize what great project potential it had.  So here we go! Take a look at this super easy project. It's guaranteed to give your table an autumn lift! 
I used four coordinating fabrics. Even though they differed in color, they all had a similar tone, (which is why I think they go together so well). I cut various sized strips. They were all 19" in width & varied in length.
I serged them together, (the 19" sides), but you can use a regular sewing machine.
No one will see the reversed side because it will be lined.

Assort your colors as desired. You don't have to create a pattern. Odd placement of your color strips are more likely to make it unique & aesthetically pleasing:).....this part being the 'good tip' from the silly overpriced store...
Sew your strips in sections of equal weight. For example - do not keep adding to one side of the table runner unless your machine plate is flush against the desk or table. The reason.... the weight of the runner is heavier than the little strip your trying to sew & will most likely cause a curve or not so straight line. (Hence.. my use of woven medium to heavy weight fabric.)
Therefore....work in sections. So much easier & it's sure to come out perfect!
When you reach the length that fits your specific table, measure & cut your lining the same length.
With right sides facing eachother, sew your long sides together, (leaving your 19" sides open).
Then turn it inside out & press. Iron your ends inward. Sew a double stitch for a completed look.

Yup! It's that simple....  Just sewing some straight lines!

Here are some measurements for the curious. The completed table runner is 18" x 62".
At this size, it required less than 1/2 a yard of four fabrics.  And I had enough to make a second one.

Hope you enjoyed this simple & fun sewing project.
Could you imagine a super long runner on a colossal table?
Or...doing a one of kind valance for a window?
Perfect for the season!

To inspiration at a fraction of the cost:)

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