Monday, September 17, 2012

A Singer Dressmaking Guide

Hey readers! Take a look at my super vintage find. I came across this 1947 seamstress guide to dress making and knew I had to have it. It's got everything and more than I pictured. The book starts off with an introduction that's based around the idea that 'now everyone can sew like the experts while at home'. The book goes through the basics, covering tools, sewing essentials, and the importance of pre-shrinking all garment fabric before working with it. It even touches on children's clothing and how to make those adorable raglan sleeve dresses or bishop dresses. I gotta mention...the most entertaining part was hearing the view point from that time. For example:
"Six school dresses and six pairs of undergarments
are none too many for a little girl to begin
a school year with." 

"Many women exclaim regretfully when they see
machine stitching on a baby's garment. But there
are no regrets if one takes the precaution to buy
fine sewing thread and uses a fine needle and a
short sewing stitch."
"A sewing room, fully equipped, is ideal for real joy
in sewing. Your equipment should be the best you can
afford, for good tools are the inspiration
for good work."

Ohhh, how the times have changed.... But, there is a plethora of great detailed information & it's all about the old school way of doing it!

The picture on the right above, shows the chic hem marker using a chalk puffer system. These tools are still around and used today... (but are made of flimsy plastic). I recommend if your going to be working solo, try to find the vintage wooden ones. The reviews show that they still work far better than the new ones. And...if you can't find chalk refills readily available, try baby powder.
So if someone was to say this guide was outdated - Nope it isn't and probably never will be as long as people wear clothes. The concepts are basic & geared toward creating a completed, wearable garment in the end. Hip, hip hooray for this singer sewing guide! 
To coming across good finds!
Happy Trails:)

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