Saturday, September 1, 2012

Simply Vague

Today marks a pretty special day. It's Simply Vague's opening in Tuttle Mall (Dublin, Ohio) & guess who's items are there?.......You guessed right! The Mint Needle along with a bunch of amazing Ohio artisans are partaking in a wonderful store, Simply Vague, created by Nate & Andrea Archibald. The store has an eclectic mix, ranging from jewelry & clothing to furniture & food! I'm so excited that I got to participate in such a positive movement for local crafters. This is the store's second opening and it's pretty exciting! People will get to browse & shop more one of a kind items. So....when my blog's August posts lacked anything & everything about sewing, that doesn't mean I wasn't busy stitching away.  Take a look at a few items that haven't made it yet to the Etsy shop.

I'll be busy sewing away again so stay tuned for some more items.
Happy Trails till then!

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