Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Calvatia Gigantea

Every end of summer confirms the presence of an amazing thing that grows in the field behind our house.....the Giant Puffball or Calvatia Gigantea. This giant mushroom is so huge & resembles a white ball in the middle of the grass. I just had to share it with my readers. Take a look at these pics.

Yes...these are edible but only when they are young. And no.....I've never tried to cook with them nor do I plan too:) To be quite honest, I tell the girls not to get too close because after a certain amount of time, they start to rot & trillions of spores can become poisonous. So....instead we admire these beautiful, interesting puffballs from a distance & leave them to decompose.

To finding the unique things right in our backyards!

P.S. I promise more crafty posts coming up soon:) I'm just enjoying the natural elements before they deplete!

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