Thursday, September 13, 2012

For the Love of Sage

Throughout the centuries, sage has been known as a wondrous & spiritual herb.  Used for it's healing, cleansing, & aromatic qualities, everything about this plant is amazing. Packed with Vitamin A, it's known to be good for your teeth, bones, & skin. Steep it as a tea to ease tension & anxiety. Or...use it as a gargle for sore throats. Either way, you'll reap the benefits of this great herb that comes from the mint family.

Pick your sage in the morning or afternoon, but never during the midday heat. Give it a good shake to loosen any bugs. Tie with a thread or twine & hang upside down in a place that has good air circulation. Don't over cramp & bunch them too much. The moisture of being squished together will give a perfect environment to turn your sage moldy. I know some people like to wash their herbs, but I don't (for sage) unless I use it raw.  Two reasons, my sage grows where no animals have access to it & unless dried thoroughly, you'll probably get mold. Remember, herbs are clean naturally. So.... let's get saging and give a tasty try to a very special & refreshing drink!

~Lemon Sage Water~
Ice water
Fresh Sage Leaves (washed & patted dry)
Honey Comb, cut 2 cubes (1"x1")
One Lemon, sliced not squeezed
Put all your ingredients together, adding the water last. I love our glass jug. Your able to seal the top & give it a good shake. Refrigerate or serve right away:) But I promise it won't last.
To Harvesting Sage!
Happy Trails:)

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