Sunday, November 20, 2011

Retro Bag

This little project started off to be a pillow sham for my daughters room.... Somewhere between being too stubborn for measurements and musical rhythms guiding my way, I ended up with a crooked rectangle that couldn't be stuffed. I didn't feel like undoing or cutting away any material, so I folded it over and left it there.

After another project left red material scraps lying perfectly above the brown, retro print, I realized I had to make a little bag. For starters, it was already lined, hence -  'pillow case done on both sides'.  I cut up the red scraps to form handles & trim. (Now before any opinion is formed.....yes, I am aware it is still crooked.....but sooo cute:)) I will probably never leave my house with this little number, (the stitching is not my best), but I had to post it. First, for how darn cute it looks. Second, it may spark a reader to do something even greater. And third, it's great for storage where people can't have bookshelves. Could you picture having a wall of 3-4 bags, stacked or beside each other for an artistic way of storing paperwork or magazines? I think it's great! I used mine to store clothing patterns. Hope this one sparks an idea.  P.S.  For the curious - the music was ed sharpe & the magnetic zeros:)

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