Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Holiday Skirt

Tis the season! Holiday shopping has started and holiday outfits are all about. One can't help but love the adorable and sweet skirts that are lining the clothing racks at so many stores.  But they're all red, green, white, and black! Where's the color? Having little girls means colors, rainbows, and sparkles. Soooo...like all the other times, I examined a cute little number, how it was made, and got moving to the fabric store.

 I cut my material length by following a little skirt in my daughters closet and added 2.5 inches for the waist and hem. After serging the purple rectangle, I created the 'waist space'. I know that this is not an actual sewing term, but this is the space where the elastic band will be.  The blue sparkle material was hemmed on one side and a zig-zag stitch on the opposing to make sure no ends would fray.  Now, I didn't want the glitter fabric lining the waist, because I already know, "mom this is itchy." Instead I sewed the glitter fabric wrong side above the waistline, so that when it was flipped, the skirt had a flawless seam where the two were connected & it adds a little more poof. Winner! No itchy skirt. The elastic was put it, the 'rectangle' was stitched together, and the waist finished by hand.

I love the colors! I'm going to have to buy a little black cardigan sweater and adorn it with some make shift flowers from the left over sparkle material. Another great idea is a two tier holiday skirt which I'll be busy stitching up for my older gal.  For two tiered skirts, you don't even have to cut up the material. Simple fold it over creating the tier. Put your waist line in first - so that you have a straight line to follow when sewing in the sparkle. Take your sparkle fabric and repeat the instructions above. You will have to cut the sparkle material so remember to add for your hems.
Good Luck and Happy Sewing!

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