Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Banana Republic Dress

I absolutely adore this dress! I usually don't go for the strapless thing, but this little number was too cute. It has a classic, retro shape, accompanied by the coolest brown and black plaid print. The complete dress is lined from top to bottom and is perfect for a summer evening or a picnic. I loved it soo much...studied it from top to bottom and after sometime, I decided, "I can do this."
The diagonal of the skirt with the vertical and horizontal top is eye catching, so I wanted to keep this element in my project. I got a Butterick Pattern, some red, white, and blue plaid shirting fabric, (which was not a good choice according to the ladies at the fabric store....) and off I went.

After measuring, and starting to piece my dress together, I realized the skirt was fabulous on its own. Therefore, no one piece here. I decided to make a separate top and bottom to maximize my options. The skirt looks great with a pair of leather brown boots for fall.

Like the original, I lined my whole project with navy blue fabric and used interfacing on the
the top. Interfacing is amazing! It makes your projects last longer and hold their shape. I also added the waist with contrast (picture above). Because it was not a dress anymore, I wanted a dividing line.

Overall, I'm happy with the turnout. Is it a replica? Of course not, but the inspiration was well worth the journey. I learned how interfacing should be used, how to place a zipper between lining and face material, and how one should adjust the bust line after the sections are connected. There are still some changes I plan to make: adding navy bias tape to the end of the skirt for a more finished appearance and straps to the top. Fyi: the pattern was simple to use. I've already used the skirt pattern on two other fabrics. The shape is so feminine and flattering.

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