Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What is musmula?

Look at these beauties. Finally, I find an answer to this question! The translation for the Turkish, Mediterranean fruit called 'musmula' is 'medlar'.  This exotic fruit that's a cross between a pear and a hawthorn is very unique and tasty. I owe great thanks to my grandfather for grafting this beauty in my yard. Sadly, I don't have any recipes regarding the medlar. But I have read that it is great for making preserves and jelly's. This is a tasty fall fruit that can only ripen after the first frost. I should really move them to a dry shelf until the pulp softens. Then, they're the best!


  1. I love eating this, but could not find in the USA. Please let me know where/how to find this. Actually, one of my Turkish friends is pregnant and want to eat this. If you can help me find this, I will appreciate your help.


    1. Hi!

      Unfortunately finding this delicious fruit is pretty hard. Your best bet would be to ask local farmers if they have it available. But, the internet also advertised the following:

      1. One Green World in Molalla, Oregon; is a nursery but they also ship fresh medlars (877) 353-4028
      2. Scott Farm, 707 Kipling Road, Dummerston, Vermont (802) 254-6868,
      3. Honey Bear Ranch in California - (no number available but you could try google)

      I researched purchasing tree cuttings also. You can find good prices on & Also, has rooted fruit trees available.
      Wishing you much luck!
      Miki :)

    2. Thank you so much for your respond. I will try to find it from the farm you listed.
      Thanks again :)