Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A November Wrap

Alright readers, here's the deal. A day of rummaging through vintage patterns has transpired into a whole new project. I was scavenging through some old patterns & pieces for a women's 50's style cape. Why? Well....for the little ones of course. I'm downsizing the patterns to fit my girls & even though I can't wait to share that project with you, there's something I gotta show you first. A November Wrap. Inspired by the vintage style of a 60's cape gone shawl, I'm pretty sure this will be a timeless, classic addition to my closet. The only thing I wish was that you could cross over the computer & feel how soft this vintage fabric really is.

I needed to added a coordinating or contrasting fabric.

I started with a 50 by 50 inch square piece of soft, retro, wool like fabric. I folded it into a triangle, so that it made a shawl shape. (How easy is that? But, I only did it because of how light weight the plaid material is.) I serged the pieces together from the center point outward, towards the sides. Serging is not necessary. If your using a regular sewing machine, I do recommend a straight stitch to connect them & a zig-zag stitch to finish the edge so that it stops from fraying. 

Next, I cut two pieces of my contrasting fabric. One strip measured 50.5" by 3.5"
& the second, 54" by 3.5"

Start from the center point on the back and stitch your shorter strip to your shawl.

Repeat this step with your longer strip. Here, you can see why one strip needed to be longer.
Since the shawl/wrap is lined with the face fabric itself, your contrasting strip is what will define your inside & outside. I finished the edge by folding over the remainder material inward and did a straight stitch where the two fabrics were connected.

I gotta say, it's beautiful. 

This project was super easy, fast, & fun!
All too great not to share.
On another note, I'm debating which one of these will be in the works.
To inspiring the unexpected!
Happy Trails:) 

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  1. That looks so comfy!