Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Little Green


A little green is exactly what I got at my local garden center.....and some fresh air. I took advantage of the free time that I had, while the girls were in school, & headed to the nearest greenhouse available. I should have been Christmas shopping, but couldn't help myself.  Immediately, I was engulfed with flowers, greenery, and warmth. Now, I know that one of my recent posts talked about this house looking rather green itself, but I just needed a little pop of color by the kitchen window, (ya know, to make doing the dishes a bit more dazzling).  And of course, I couldn't leave with just one plant. I had to give the once over in close-outs to see what plants I could save. Check out these beauties! An African Violet, Kalanchoe, and a baby fern. And yes, that is the cutest square planter. It's also biodegradable!



With days being short, any bit of color could make the sunshine last:)
To planting Happy Trails indoors!

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