Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Chevron Knit

Everyone appears to be in a chevron craze these days. I figured I'd join in on all the fun & contribute a little something in the world of blogging. A day of linen closet re-organizing had me find the most perfect items. An all white chevron blanket from my mother in-law & a green/yellow one from my grandmother. Absolutely beautiful, aren't they? I love how sharp these chevron patterns are. One is finished with a scalloped edge while the other shows how a straight line is just as charming. After taking a few pics, our little Lucy decided to get some attention by taking center stage.

Gotta love her!


  1. Cute! Love them:) Looks like a lot of work!!!

    1. Thanks! They're soft & light weight too! Just wish I had the patience to give this a try:)