Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Summer Dress

So the other day, I nearly had a break down in my craft room. For the life of me, I couldn't figure out why my favorite sewing machine was jamming up. The motor was rough & it stitched extreeeeemmmmlyyyy slooooowww. I tried everything.....I re-threaded, tried a different bobbin, re-threaded again, tried different material, played with the feed....I even searched for my machine guide, which was a quest in itself in our overwhelmingly packed craft room. And then finally, my do-it yourself skills kicked in because this had become a mission..... I took a screwdriver and began 'undoing' my machine. You'll never believe what I found. Thread fibers from years of sewing were sitting inside, basically creating what my girls called a 'fluffy mouse.' It's all cleaned out now & hip hip hooray, because it's working better than ever. My quest was driven by a wonderful pattern that I couldn't resist. A big THANKS to  Molly's Sketchbook Triangle Dress at the Purlbee website for posting a great summer project. Molly shows in detail how simple it is to make this dress with great instructions & pictures. I just had to share how ours came out.

It's perfect for the pool or beach. I love it the most because my 8 year old can wear it too....
(as a top).
You can literally reconfigure size by focusing on how many inches you leave for under the arms. And at less than an hour of work time, you just can't beat it!

To fun sewing & clean machines!

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